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At the age of 18, I was sent off to war, 67-68
Never got the chance to play and explore.
Learned real fast
How short life could last.
Many a young man died for what he felt was right.
All this was building up inside me - causing me fright.
Would sit at times over there and wonder ...
What was going on at home - And me in this thunder.
Yes, thunder of the sounds of war.
Just had to keep on keeping on, though wanting no more.
All the horrid and awful things that'd seen.
Found a place real deep inside me,
To stuff all the feeling that I could not handle ...
That of being way deep in the jungle.
Fought real hard, and still I wondered ...
Why?  yes, why is this all happening to me?
All the sounds, smells, tastes ... and the hates.
All the more to put behind the door.
Was in two of the most bloodiest battles of the war -
all of it went behind the door ...
The painful memories of my buddy's cries ...
Once again stuck them behind the door.
After getting out of that horrible place,
Began to recall and see the face.
Shut the door and locked it up tight.
Then after 30 years of the infernal fight,
Had to find the courage to open the door.
My heart said to me, "No, you can't relive it no more."
All was caving in on me, my job, my family ...
It was then, I knew,
I had to open the door and view.
Had the help of professionals to see me through.
Although it was hard for me, in my heart, I knew ~
Open the door and let it come through.
This was not an easy task for me;
But: Over a period of time, was able to look inside.
Yes, it was my time to cry,  After All Those Years.
Here it came to waves of tears, hoping to calm my fears.
I am not well and I know that it will always be there;
But:  I did find the courage to open the door and say, "No More."
To all of you who are in control of wars;
Be it know:  If you had to endure what we did,
In my heart I know that there would never be another war.
To my Bothers of the 173AIRBORNE ::::::::::>HERD
hope you find the key to your door,
So the suffering will ease up and be no more,
Yes, I will never forget, but at least I got the door open.
Hope some light can come in and begin to heal me more.
Be well, my brother, for we won the war over there ...
Just to have to come home and fight the war within.


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