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Send to Vietnam in 67 - 68
173rd Airborne Brigade ...

Got there and was equipped ~
Knew that this was it.
Next day went out with re-supply ~
My mind wondering why.
Got to the point of drop-off ... and what a rush!

Found myself deep in the bush
Wasn't long on the ground that I soon found
What a firefight meant to be ...
And:  The sound of it, too.
Here I was brand new.
And: knowing I had to do ~
Do those I was trained to do.
And:  All the while, maintain  a sense of cool.

All the confusion was quite a strain ...
Saw a young man die
And:  Being new I asked myself, "Why"?
Looked around to see how the old-timers reacted ~
"Was just a Nam thing, you see, it don't mean nuthin to me."
That's what I was hearing and it was confusing me.

As I became close to some friends of mine
and soon lost one to the war.
It was then I knew
Why the old-timers done what they had to do ~
Block out the pain, hold back the tears ...
Get a hold of myself and manage my fears.
Fight the fight and keep on keeping on ~
Always in the back of my mind, knowing I would soon be gone.

Was in a lot of small firefights
and made it through the nites.
Got to Dakto ... Was in two of the bloodiest battles.
The Company "C" I once knew
was not gone into the blue ~
All of but a few had perished in the bush of that war ...
I said "Don't mean nuthin" and came back from the war.

Nothing went right from that point on
Knowing not why.
As time went on and age set in,
I found myself trying to cry.
Found out I had P.T.S.D.
and the VA worked with me.
Was able to cry and pray for those that died.
I found that now it DOES mean something,
Instead of nuthin.

My heart aches from that dreadful war ~
And:  My God, hope there is no more.
May my brothers of that war find peace and release.
Dedicated to all that served ~
Especially the 173rd

© December, 1997, by JIM SIMPSON 173RD AIRBORNE BDE. C 2/503 INFANTRY 67-68

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