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I can still hear this awful call:
"Dustoff control!  Dustoff control!  We have a man down!"
As we continue the fight, more begin to fall ... and still the call~
The Dustoff hoppers come to answer our calls ~
they come in at a big risk to get the wounded out.
They were the best - and my heart aches for the risks they took.

I was on one of the Dustoff trips ~
and when I came to, three bodies were dead among  them me on the floor.
A door gunner looked at me and shouted
"It's ok, Bro, You okay and we on the go."
Wasn't that long and we touched down at B Med ~
I was there as they removed the dead.
They looked at me and took me inside
and told me:  "We got you another ride."
Found myself on a C-130 - hospital in the air -
headed for the 8th field hospital in Nah Thrang.
They took care of my wounds there.
Without Dustoff Control lots of us would be no more.

From C 2/503rd 173rd AIRBORNE BDE. Infantry,
thanks to all of you from my heart
For we were just a call on the radio from being apart.
My hat's off to all of you, and as well I salute you.

Be it heard from the HERD
we appreciate all you did and will never ever forget a thanklessjob as yours
but as brothers, we know what thanks it meant.

God be with us all!
And when we get the final call ...
I feel I will hear and angel's call - for "Dustoff Control"
Then peace will be mine and can share with my brothers ...

One and all, we answered each other's call.

Even answered our Country's call
and now I wait for them to answer our call:
Please help us thru this P.T.S.T. - and please agree ...
we were right and never wrong ~
just didn't have the support from all you hear at home.

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