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After fighting the war in Vietnam in 67 and 68
Little did I realize the fight would lead into 1998.
Being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
I came to the reality that the war wasn't over.

All those nights of terror and horrible dreams,
Found there was no peace in those dreams, it seems.
Going thru all the VA Treatments, and Hospitals,
Just brought back all the memories in VIVID COLORS.
All was so very much for me to bear ...

Taking a risk and reaching out for Help - Hoping ...

Following a night mare that woke me in a sweat,
I began to search the Net.
After a while I found a person writing to listen,
As we began to share,
I felt her sense of care.
As time went on, our friendships bonded.
I prayed with this new friend I found;
And:  Felt that God was all around.

I had a special dream that once occurred ...
Was with the dead of the 173RD.
I felt a warmth and inner peace.
A feeling that I did not want to release.
Upon awakening from my sleep,
I wanted to go back to that place where I was at peace.
Knowing that it was just; But: A Dream ~
Felt that God let me see my brothers are at peace.

For me, there is a place of retreat ~
And:  When that time comes,
God is going to bring me home.
I don't have to fight the war any more;
Therefore:  I can close the door ...
Know ing my Brothers of the 173RD
Are not in a Place of Death;
But:  Of Living in The Peace and Air of a Baby's Breath.

I hope to have that dream again real soon ...
I know God will allow it when he feels I have the need.
Thank You Lord, for keeping a Place for Us.
I will carry your message among us - The Living.


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