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Being one of the 173RD AIRBORNE INFANTRY 67. 68
Wasn't long in the jungle that I began to hate.
After a time being together, we began to gel and trust ~
Yes:  Trust in each other to survive - And:  That was a must!

We fought hard in all our battles,
Like with the Heart of An Eagle ~
Hence came the name "Warriors"
And:  Like Eagles we soared.
Always looking and listening for what the enemy may do,
Fighting the jungle was a battle within itself - as you.
Just keep on driving on, trying to put another day behind -
Only to get up at dawn and start over the daily grind.
The Smells, The Sounds, The Feeling of Enemy all around -
Out of nowhere comes the sounds of gunfire - then the ground.
Yes, we hit the ground, returning fire all around.
As the battle goes on, The Warriors begin to emerge;
Have to move in on the enemy and destroy the attack ...
Most times we had wounded and dead - this sets me back.

Even today I go back - Just takes a sound, a smell, a word ...
Things happen and I'm back in the war - still feeling the Warrior.
Yes, the Warrior inside me, wanting to destroy what's hurting ~
Hurting me inside.
Awake at times all wet, and with sweat,
feeling I have fought so hard and still wondering where I'm at.
P.T.S.D. is what they call it and it's got a tight grip on me.
My emotions, at times, make no sense to me, to a big degree.
It's like my life as no purpose anymore.
The Warrior in me ~
That's what's calling me:  "Yes, come, and see - and be!"
Like the Eagle, I want to soar in the blue sky.
When I think of this long, I begin to cry.
Yes, cry for those great warriors that gave all and died
Those of us that were there know how much we care.

Hope and pray that someday I'LL soar like that Eagle ~
Hight and free, above the trees, seeing all there is to see.
As I soar over the Wall, I see the names of Great Warriors.
Yes, Warriors that gave it all.
And: through my tears they stand, above all ~
All that's here and now will never understand
What a Warrior is and what it truly means to take a stand.

This is for my Brothers - Great Warriors that will
and do appreciate this Land.
For we know what it's like to fight for what we feel is right ...
Dedicated to all that served, Especially the Warriors of the 173RD.


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