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"Flash Back"


Served my time in VietNam 67 - 68
173RD Airborne Bde. C 2/503 Infantry

As I hit the brush in the jungles of Nam,
Found it to be very hot, humid and balmy ...
With a ruck on my back, filled with ammo and five days of rations,
Would hump from daylight to dusk, then dig in for nite position.
Did this every day til rations ran out - then re-supply.
Firefights were a thing along the way - A sniper here and there.
In June and November of 1967 was in two huge battles ~
Lots of dead and wounded ...  more than my mind could handle,
Without going into the gory details,
It affected me in a way that I could never imagine.

Even here today, and at night,
I sometimes find I'm still in the fight.
P.T.S.D. is what they say ...
They being the VA
Flashbacks come and go and, believe me,
They take their toll.
Certain sights, or smells, or a sound ... a cry ...
or the word "Die" ~
These are a few things that flash me back ...
Back to the year ~
and that's why I'm not really here.
I'm in the war again, fighting to win.
Please be aware of Vets that haven't had a lot of care.
Once the flash occurs, too much adrenaline begins to flow.
Is why I black out and lose all control ~
Had this happen to em ...  I black out and just don't know
Why I black out and lose all control.
I know now what a flashback is
and try to stay off patrol.
Still I don't trust those here in this world ~
Know my brother Vets understand
and they're there to lend a hand.

This has, and will be, a life-long struggle for me;
But:  I hope that the public and government begins to see.
How devastating P.T.S.D. can be;
And:  Open some doors for them to see their help is needed
As it should be.

Flashbacks are so real; And:  it's part of the raw deal.
Yes, we got the shaft;
And:  Still have to fight for our rights.
Back here in the USA, it's not supposed to be that way.
Suffering over there was bad enough;
But:  Back here, it's really rough.

For al my Bothers that are still suffering, don't give up.
Keep fighting until you get a grip and help is there.
There are a few who REALLY do care.

For all my Bro's that served,
Especially the HERD, the 173RD.
One day we will be heard and hopefully, they will understand ~
Even though the war is over for the country,
It's still going on in the minds of many.
It's for them, as well as me ... Hope some one can see...
When a combat Vet says "Leave me be ..."
Best just leave him be.
Our flashbacks come and go ~
Just want you people to know.

God be with us as we move along this road ~
Comfort those who need it most for they did their duty.
And give peace for those names on the Wall;
And:  For the families behind the names, also.


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