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For some, Holiday's are a DAY off and have no meaning.

Also too some it is a time for selfish and greedy beings,

Memorial Day is one that many just take as a DAY off,

never stopping too reflect on what was given to mark that day!

Some do and some couldn't care less and don't even know the way,

Many died for and fought for our country and this day is to HONOR!

HONOR all VET's living and those that gave all, that WE could have DAY OFF!
Combat Soldiers never got DAYS off it was go go all the time.

My squad was on an ambush on Christmas Eve in 67.

We joked before going out on ambush of who was taking Santa and
who was putting Rudolph's lights out. Had to find humor to keep from
feeling the pain of being so far away from family and friends. But, for
those that just like days off and don't look at what price was paid have
no clue as to what it means. Times have changed as generations go by.
It is very sad that some just find it as another way to get drunk or
drugged up and party! Labor had its victims as many other Holidays.
Christ died and was born but lots just call it a DAY OFF! GOD, help us
if we have to muster up troops to launch a major battle too protect our
country! So many have so little respect for themselves, putting respect
for our rights and country in jeopardy! I use to believe that many a
young man would RISE too the occasion if push come to shove, BUT I'm not
sure of that today! Are you? I have a Son in the Marine's and I'm proud that
he is serving his country and trying to make a difference! My family knows
what holidays are and what is behind them rather than a "DAY-OFF"! Too all
those that are having a day off I hope that when the time comes you will be
ready too defend your day-off! But I have my doubt's about that. Many would
whine and cry for the inconvenience of it all. I am PROUD along with my
fellow Vet's that we answered our call and didn't haul ass too Canada or burn
our draft cards! DRAFT should be put back into effect. Teaching the young some
self discipline and respect for others as well as Holidays! Well, I plan on
HONORING all those that gave it all and their loved ones and pray for comfort
to them of the great loss! Hope all show up in DC and let the world know that
we HONOR our troops and support them 100%. I as other Vietnam Vet's suffered
being taunted and not accepted when we returned. But we welcome one another
home now and it feels good! As we were in the BUSH so as we are here and now!

Back 2 Back Forever Bro's TRACKER173 Airborne 67-68 ©

Jim Simpson

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