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Serving in the 173RD AIRBORNE INFANTRY 67-68
I was in many battles that caused me much heartache.
As many, I must admit, when arriving home,
Things didn't fit.
I married and raised a family,
Thinking this was it.
Though in the back of my mind.
I KNEW I didn't fit.
I was blessed with two children that I know was a gift;
But:  In my war-torn mind,
I just couldn't grasp
what was really "IT".
I had called on God many times throughout the war
and made promises and commitments out of horror.
Just to find comfort from the fear and anguish of the war.
I went to worship God at the church;
But:  Felt I didn't fit in ~
Knowing what I did and witnessed from the war within.
I felt that the God that I knew would never forgive me.
From all the sins and broken promises I had done.
The war continued its' rage on me ...
To the point of P.T.S.D. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ...
Finally, after 30 years of fighting and relieving the war,
I became fatigued ... and tired ... and wanted no more.
So, against all that I had been taught and believed,
I reached the point of surrender.
Not to lose and forget;
But:  To just find some peace and comfort from the war.
I talked and prayed with a friend ~
and God relieved me from this.
In looking back through time,
I find that by surrendering,
Time is not mine.
And thru God, The Healing Begins.
Now God, use me as an instrument of Your Peace.
My war is over ~
Help me to pass this on to my Living Brothers ~
So their suffering might hopefully stop.
Thank You, God,
for the victory I've so much sought after.
Knowing you have a place for us after this life is over,
being with my Brothers of the 173RD AIRBORNE again,
gives me strength and courage to carry Your Word,
and turn it over to Him that knows all and Understands.
To the Men and Women of the 173RD.
Jim Simpson.


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