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"30 Years Since"


In Viet Nam in 67 - 68
And I still have a war with-in me that aches.
Been 30 years since, but I am not over the pain and anguish yet.
having P.T.S.D. is hard to deal with, being very complex.
Nightmares, Flashbacks, all make it so real for me.
Had a heart of steel that was not for me to feel.
All the fighting with the VA and it's system was like being back in the War.
So called friends became enemies for me,
For I felt they were against me, you see.
P.T.S.D. is what it be and it's going to kill me.
Struggle with relationships and friendships for I do not TRUST.
Have taken risks and been turned against, like being THRUST.
Thrust back in time to the war was and this saddens me.
Some of my own Brothers have turned against me!  I know it's P.T.S.D.
30 years and still I fight the fight, all that's missing is the PERSON.
Yes!  The person that I used to be.  The one before the WAR.
I would have been a name on the "WALL", for it still haunts me today.
Hurts me so deeply to see Brother Vet's fighting among themselves.
I have fought the battles that were over there, back here I care!
Care about all those that served and still can see the BLOOD that be.
We all BLED the very same RED and we should be BACK to BACK.
And by this way we remain safe and not have to worry about ATTACKS.
My Brothers, we must stop fighting against one another.
For it was the NVA that we fought together.
Back here we should be in support of one another, that is a BROTHER.
We are still harassed and made fun of; But:  In the NAMES of all on the "WALL"
We are all we have left and UNITED we STAND and DIVIDED we FALL.
For those on the WALL stand together and they are STRONG.
If we fight among ourselves we shall FALL
30 years have past and at long last I feel it's time to BOND.
As one we will forever remain STRONG.
I challenge each and everyone to reach out to a BROTHER
And WELCOME each other HOME.  For we are all we got

In closing I say to me, some Brother out there will read this and make light of me
So if that be then I'm right about what I have written
Hope all that read and see will understand me.

WELCOME HOME my BROTHERS, all of you that served.
In the field as well as the rear, it took us all.  Therefore we didn't FALL
Hope one day we can all meet and greet one another at the WALL.
God gave us heart and for me it's torn apart
gave back to "Him That Gave" and
He has began to mend what has been torn apart.


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