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National Livestock Contractors Association

The National Livestock Contractors Association "NLCA" was created (unofficially) in 1995 by a few consirned livestock owners. NLCA was created primarly to combat livestock theft and the influz of animal "rights" activist and groups. NLCA has since become the leader in the investigation of animal :rights activists and groups that are considered as extreamists and or terrorist based on their actions and threats. Do not be fooled by these groups some of them use some seriour methods including arson and bombing activities. Some groups even go to protest sites armed. NLCA is a resource for livestock contractors/owners,law enforcement and other types of livestock associations. CONTACT US AT: National Livestock Contractors Association P.O. Box 2844 Salem, Oregon 97308 Telephone (503) 391-1788 Telephone (503) 371-8383 Fax (503) 588-2749 Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

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