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In 1967 Licorice -Robin's girlfriend- was brought into the band to augment their stage sound. Christina "Licorice" McKechnie sang and played percussion and organ; later together with Rose Simpson who sang and played percussion, violin and bass guitar. The first String Band album Licorice (Likkie) appeared on was "5.000 spirits or the layers of the onion". The sweet female vocal on “Painting Box” belonged to Licorice.

Likkie had a characteristic voice and proof of this you can hear on "Darling Belle" on the album "Liquid acrobat as regards the air".

But, she also wrote some own songs like "I know you" from the album "U":

I Know You

I know you
through and through
Saw you kiss the flowers
For hours and hours
Saw you colour the flowers
For hours and hours

You and all the ones I've known
Shall wear my crown
Winged we were before time was
How we've flown, how we've flown

I love the others
My sisters and brothers
I love them all the more

Now that I've found you I love them all
The more.

Likkie split from the group after the 1972 album "Earthspan". She went on to work briefly with Woody Woodmansey’s band, U-Boat, but then left for California, where she married guitarist Brian Lambert.

Little is known about Licorice (Christina McKenzie), other than assorted rumors. She moved to Los Angeles in the '70s. She has reportedly worked as a waitress and coatroom attendant. She appeared briefly on Williamson's first Merry Band album Journey Edge (1977).

In a 1989 issue of Q magazine "a former String Band associate" reports she was behaving oddly and was "last seen setting out on a journey across the Arizona desert."

At the Be Glad website Likkie's ex-husband Brian Lambert's brother has written a letter about Likkie:

From: Michael Lambert

On impulse I enter "The Incredible String Band" into a search engine and look what I find! Amazing!

I saw the String Band a bunch of times in the NYC area after, unfortunately, Likki and Rose left the Band. The Bottom Line (I recall a particularly wild Evolution Rag there), Avery Fisher Hall and others. Never enough room to jig, but jig we did! To this day I consider ISB concerts the best I've been to. As I was involved in Scientology at the time, I got backstage to meet the band a few times.

As is mentioned in the FAQ about Likki's whereabouts, she was married to Brian Lambert, my brother who will be very amused to find himself mentioned in this website. They got amicably divorced back in the late 70s or early 80s, maintained contact for a while after that and then drifted apart.

Brian hasn't heard from her in years and has no idea where she may be. I recall my ex sister-in-law with fondness. Finding this site has refreshed my memories of visiting them in LA, and sharing Christmas with them at my other brother's home in the Connecticut woodlands.

Likki's music always had a magical, elfin quality about it. With good reason. There is a magical, elfin quality about her. I hope she is well.

Another interesting letter on the Be Glad web site, is this:

From: David Evans:

I knew Likki and her husband Brian Lambert in about 1980 in Los Angeles. She was not in the music business at the time, but still incredibly talented and musical. She and I made some attempts at writing together.

I took guitar lessons from Brian. Likki still had Robin's nylon string painted guitar he had written many ISB songs on. I offered her every cent I had but she wouldn't think of parting with it. At a party at her house in the Hollywood Hills, she sang a song called Old Songs And Cottages which was so amazing I had to learn it. She felt so close to that song that she refused to teach anybody how it goes. I still remember the first two chords and have been playing with them for the past 18 years. She was incredibly sweet.

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