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My Favorite Things and digimon cheats

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Poison cheat: goto main battle screen and press ab until the 2 digimons connect.on the first shot hold b and press a many times.on the seccond shot hold a and press c many times.on the third shot hold c and press b many times.on the last shot hold all 3 cure poison turn off lights and train one whole round. ____________________________________________________________ Energy cheat: when a rookie, feed 200 vitamins _______________________________________________________ _______ Twins: grow a teddymon.when it dies, hold b until the end of the c 10 reset and let go b. when it resets it will say CONGRATULATIONS and two eggs will appear. ____________________________________________________________ Teddymon cheat: Push in the tab in and out once.Put the tab back the reset button over and over again until the screen fades away.Press ABCCBA and pull out the tab. ____________________________________________________________ Instant mteal greymon: when your digimon is a koromon,select the bandage icon.when it shakes its head,put in the tab and pull it will get a metal greymon. _____________________________________________________________ If you have any cheats or suggestions plz e-mail me at

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