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Write to the Heart!®
Iris Selig, MA, LCPC
Specializing in Writing Therapy

Is there a relationship or time of your life you want to explore?
Is there a difficult memory you want to put into perspective?

Do you have family stories you want to tell or give as gifts?
Is there someone you'd like to honor with a celebration of words?

"Writing is good therapy as well as art!"




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Why might you want to write?                                                         
Expressive therapy helps you find the feelings and tell their stories.

Writing therapy provides 
insights, reflections, 
and suggestions 
to help deepen your
journey of self discovery ...
Deepen your understanding of who you are and how you came to be that way.  You'll write about what's important to you on a very deep level.  For many people, it's an art form as well as a personal growth process.

Explore important relationships or times of your life.  Celebrate them ... or lay them to rest. 



 "But what would I write about?"

Journeys, struggles, ancestors, family history, conflicts, regrets, triumphs... Tell your story. The stuff that sets you apart from all others. The easy, fun stories. The difficult, painful ones. Your story will become clearer as you struggle to reveal its meaning.
Learn more about personalized on-line instruction. Purchase writing exercises on a variety of topics. See what other people say about them.
Pets, lost loves, childhood friends, adolescent intrigues, enemies, partners...

A Writing Sample...

"My mother's eyes were blue. It's been thirty years since I last saw them, and maybe even longer than that, since she was asleep so much those last few years. Such a blue -- not clear like marbles, not blue like sapphires, not turquoise like the sea, but just mother's blue eyes.
"Warm blue eyes. There's a picture of her smiling so proudly at me when I was a teenager. I felt awkward in my new woman's body, skinny but voluptuous, and didn't like to be looked at that intensely, that proudly. So I pushed away the sweetness that I can see now in that picture of her looking at me with those eyes. I struggled to keep her out, to not see the look in those eyes.
"So I don't quite remember the exact shade of blue. I can't name it blue like sapphires, turquoise like the sea. But I can feel them still looking at me in that black and white, wrinkled old Polaroid snapshot."
-- Copyright 1997 Iris Tobin Selig

Stories Wanted!

What lessons have you learned from life? Tell the story ...

Our Friday morning writing circle is planning a book and we'd like to include your story. We're seeking stories that illustrate important moments of life -- our shared human condition. They can be simple or profound, comical or serious, autobiographical or family memoir. Commemorative stories or memorials about loved ones. Animals that have been special to you. Letters, poems, testimonials, reflections on life -- whatever style suits you.

Mainly, they just need to be sincere. Whatever our stories are about, if they come from our hearts, that's reason enough to tell them. Read some samples that people in a writing therapy group have produced.

Submissions are welcomed.  Please include your full name and address, a brief explanation of why you wrote the story, and a statement warranting that you are the sole author of the material. In addition, if you'd like to receive comprehensive feedback and suggestions to deepen your story, please send a review fee of $25 to:

Iris Selig
P.O. Box 454
Damariscotta, ME 04543

Please note that no pornography, explicit sexuality, or vulgarity
will be considered for publication.

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About the writing lessons...

Learn the secrets of good writing and discover how to tell the stories that illustrate your experience of life. Playful exercises, timed writing sessions, gentle feedback, and informative discussions will move you through whatever may be stopping you from telling your stories as well as you'd like. You'll find that the discussions, writing exercises on various topics, readings, and feedback lead to personal growth amidst like-minded, friendly company. See sample writings and read some feedback from people about their experiences with writing therapy and book projects. Wherever you may live, you can participate in writing therapy via e-mail with personalized writing exercises.


  • Join a writing circle or attend a workshop in Maine!
  • Explore writing therapy in individual counseling (Call 207/563-8790 to arrange a consultation).
  • Purchase writing exercises, and receive feedback on-line.
  • Celebrate a loved one's life with a unique book of remembrances. Inquiries welcomed.
  • Commission a written vignette. Write or phone (207) 563-8790 for details.

    Please put the word "write" in the subject line of any e-mail you send. 

    For Area Visitors and Tourists

    Something to do on a rainy or cold day!

    Contact Iris Selig when you know when you'll be in this beautiful mid-coast Maine area (also known as "Vacationland") and make an appointment for an hour of attention! This might include:

    • guidance on how to get started ...

    • counseling to get you to move through writing blocks ...

    • organizational ideas to manage your writing project(s) ...

    • writing exercises to help you "hone in" on your best style ...

    • a workshop or writing circle when you're in the area...

    • a writing "work-out" designed especially for you!!


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Write to the Heart!®
Iris Selig, MA, LCPC

Specializing in Writing Therapy
(207) 563-8790

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