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See the Real Bali with Wayan Merta

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Wayan Merta Tours

See the Real Bali with Wayan Merta

I have 12 years experience with a worldwide clientele. I offer you a six-passenger vehicle, tinted windows, air conditioned. A mobile phone keeps you in contact with your driver 24 hours. On-the-road calls are possible! I'll show you Balinese villages, my home, temples, ceremonies, beaches, snorkeling, beach barbecue, whatever you want.

Contact me on my mobile phone from within Bali by calling 0811 38 6761 or email me at


Please call for more information.

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From Janus and Stephan McCrea: Wayan has offered us an inside view of the Island of Bali.

We arrived on 19 September and Wayan has been our only driver in Bali for ten days. (In contrast, we tried three drivers in Yogyakarta and none met Wayan standard). He invited us into his village, his mother showed us the ceremonies of the evening, and then taught us make a palm leaf design (a flying spirit).

He explained the inside life of a typical Balinese family and when we took him to lunch and dinner, he gave us extra insights to the native food. He has no expectations, you have to insist that he join you at the table, he never wants to take advantage of a situation. His rates are fair and you have to insist to add something for the gasoline and wear-and-tear on his automobile, because he won't ask for it. He's just a sweet guy and he'll do whatever you want.

Janus is a photo bug and she might see a beautiful scene and say, "Well, there's probably no room to stop." Wayan will find the room and make sure you get the photo. He also helps in negotiating prices and he carries a calculator in case you can't figure the conversion.

He freely offers the experience of past customers and he keeps a record of some of their suggestions: for example, in Mas, there is one particular furniture making factory that creates good quality and contemporary design -- you'll save time if you go there first. (This was the suggestion of one of his clients from Perth and we saved at least an hour of hunting around by buying there. Good prices, good quality).

He keeps brochures available for you to look at and he's very flexible with his schedule. When the weather went bad, he was ready with two alternative programs. And when it comes to good eating, he knows the best restaurants (courtesy of reports form his past clients) in Ubud, Kuta and Sanur and elsewhere in South Bali.

Finally, be sure to ask him to take you to the Barbecue (Ikan Bakar) on the Jimbaran beach near the airport. Ikan Bakar is the best!

Janus and Stephan McCrea Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA or