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swearing at motorists page


swearing at motorists are Dave Doughman and Don Thrasher. 

Dave Doughman lives and breathes music. He is a master sound manipulator and was until recently an instructor at the International College of Broadcasting. He has recorded and toured with some of the area's best and biggest artists such as the BREEDERS, the AMPS, BRAINIAC and GUIDED BY VOICES. He recently quit his job to become a full-time rock star.  Don Thrasher was the music critic and columnist for the IMPACT WEEKLY (formerly the DAYTON VOICE) and a former drummer with GUIDED BY VOICES and the NEW CREATURES, and is also a member of 3 DREAM BAG with GREG DEMOS. He also recently quit his job at the IMPACT WEEKLY to become a full-time rock star!

additional players & guests: Matt Bowman, Mike Volk, Tim Taylor, Neil Blender, Kelley Marchal, Phil Mehaffey, Kelli Byrne, Tom Byrne, Warren Byrom, Steve Poulton, Rod Boggs, Chris Wright.


L to R: dave doughman, don thrasher, matt bowman, robert pollard


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For more information go to swearing at motorists' official web site  or Secretly Canadian, the label that's currently doing an excellent job promoting this fine Dayton, Ohio band. To email the band, click here.