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I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online trusted payment service!

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I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

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San Diego community resources:

Activist San Diego
ACLU - Immigrants Rights Project
ACLU - Immigrants Rights Archives
ACLU - San Diego
African American Advisory Board - City of San Diego
American Friends Service Committee -San Diego
African Student Union - UCSD
Balboa Park - San Diego
Blue Triangle Network
California Labor Federation
California Wolf Center - Julian, ca
Campus Anti-War Network
Center on Policy Initiatives - San Diego
Ché Cafe - UC San Diego
Chicano Park Steering Committee
Citizens' Law Enforcement Review Board - City of San Diego
Derechos Humanos - Arizona
EarthSave - San Diego
Environmental Health Coalition - San Diego
Feral Cat Coalition - San Diego
Free Radio San Diego
Gay & Lesbian Times - San Diego
Gay/Lesbian International News Network
Global Energy Network Institute
Global Visions
Green Party - San Diego
Indian Voices - San Diego
IndyMedia - San Diego
Janice Jordan - Peace and Freedom Party
La Resistencia - San Diego
La Resistencia's Blue Triangle Network - San Diego
MEChA - San Diego
MEChA Central de San Diego
NAACP of San Diego
National Youth and Student Peace Coalition
North County Forum - Vista
Ocean Beach Grassroots Organization
Ocean Beach - The Green Store
Operation STOP Gatekeeper - Ca. Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
People for Trees - San Diego
Preserve Calavera - Coastal North San Diego County
Project YANO - Youth and Non-Military Alternatives
Sacred Earth Society
San Diego Animal Advocates
San Diego Audubon Society
San Diego BayKeeper
San Diego Buzz - Gay Guide to San Diego
San Diego Democrats
San Diego Earth Times
San Diego EarthWorks
San Diego Foundation for Change
San Diego - Imperial Counties Labor Council
San Diego International Action Center
San Diego NORML
San Diego Oceans Foundation
San Diego Peace Resource Center
San Diego Permaculture Center
San Diego Senior Community Centers
San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society
San Diego Vernal Pool Society - Ramona, ca
Save our Forests and Ranchlands - San Diego backcountry
Schools for Chiapas - San Diego
Shelter from the Storm - San Diego - medical marihuana
Shundahai Network
Sierra Club - San Diego
Support Committee for Maquiladora Workers - San Diego
Surfrider Foundation - San Diego
The Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft
The Sea of Cortez Foundation - San Diego
The Student Peace Action Network
Union del Barrio - San Diego
United Farm Workers
Utility Consumers' Action Network - San Diego
Volcan Mountain Preserve Foundation - Julian, ca
Worldbeat Center

And if you have ever checked out my bumperstickers when you have visited me at some event i attended, well, they're here, too. Also tons and tons of new buttons.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and checkin' out my website. i hope the information and links that you find on my website will be of some help to you.

i also appreciate hearing from those of you from various parts of the u.s. and from other countries around the world if you have any websites, email addresses or other contact information in the geographical location you are from that might be activist-friendly for those traveling to your area.
That way, any activists traveling around might have an activist-oriented place to visit, should they decide to visit your specific area or region. i will post any such contacts on this website on their own page, and will make it a prominent link in my neighborhood listings just below here.
It's always nice to know there is a friendly place to go when you're an activist on the road! Send me contacts - but no personal names/phone numbers or addresses, please. Just community groups/organizations is better.

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in the struggle for justice,

john vance - coordinator
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A First Amendment Center
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

The internet is all about communication - a First Amendment focus. The First Amendment is a very important human right and must be spoken up for and protected as such. The price of freedom is constant vigilance. Freedom of Speech doesn't just happen because some constitutional amendment says it must be so -- freedom of speech happens because there are many people taking not only the liberty of freedom of speech but taking action to insure that it truly is a constitutionally-protected amendment. We must also not accept the First Amendment as some "dis"-connected human right. The First Amendment is connected to all of the other precious constitutional amendments. These amendments, in turn, are all connected to the entire constitutional document - to the Declaration of Independence - and, of course in the end, connected to the people - and the flora and the fauna and to our endless, beautiful universe.

We invite our website visitors to send us e-mail to inform and educate us about how our website can be the most effective. The remainder of A First Amendment Center's website will function as a clearinghouse providing contacts and information about a number of social and community issues. We will make every effort to keep this website as up to date as is physically possible. Thank you.

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i also strongly suggest that everyone check out Bill's Best Links and look under his "Bumperstickers" links. There are some really good ones.

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Democracy Unlimited - Humboldt County, CA
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Green Tortoise - An Original (Bus)
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STOP THE U.S. WAR against Iraq
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