Horse Sales
Buying or selling a horse is an investment, both financially and emotionally. To that end it's important to find the right match and have a good buying/selling experience. We're here to help guide you in your experience. Having an agent to take care of the details is much like having a Realtor.

If your looking for assistance in selling your horse we offer a sales program that includes conditioning, photos, videos, ad placement and most importantly- handling the inquiries and appointments leaving you free of the stresses that can often come along with trying to sell your horse.

We look out for your interests and help you find the right fit at the right price. Even if you are not looking for a Morgan, we have many contacts to help find you the right horse or pony with confidence. Skyloft charges a 10% commission fee along with travel/time costs.

Unrated Show Services
Jennifer is available for your open, 4-H, and other shows/events. Experience includes open shows in Miniature Horse, hunter, western, over fences, games classes, halter, showmanship, and many other misc. classes. Please call or email for date availability, references and rates.

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Training ~ Limited Availability
Openings for training are currently on an application basis. What does this mean? To be fair, we are not a facility interested in rushing a horse, or promoting quick fixes for horses struggling with issues. Some horses catch on quickly and don't have problems to work through. Other horses have come to us with anxiety, fears or other struggles that need a committed owner and trainer willing to take an approach to best help the individual horse. Sometimes this means a couple extra weeks of basics, trust building and kindness/ out of the box approaches to work. We are empathic in our approach, taking the time to develop a relationship with your horse. You and your horse are not just another client at Skyloft, and we do things a little differently here.

Strong focus on common sense, gimmick free methods which develop the basis for a safe show, trail, or family horse for the long haul. All seats welcome. All breeds welcome. We've worked with Mini's, ponies, and draft crosses. We are centered around teaching you to work with and communicate with your horse beyond your time with us. Jennifer offers a lifetime of experience having grown up working with and showing her family's Morgans, working for BelCrest Sport Morgans teaching Dressage, as well as EJM Show Horses who specialized in Appaloosa pleasure and halter horses. Horses are handled daily, and have regular turnout to socialize, in addition to training time. References are available.

If you are looking for training services with a primary focus on creating a trusting horse, that is happy to see you and work with you, to build a better relationship with them, then please consider applying to our program.

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