Dolce In Town
(Red Docs Clark Olena X Trixie Tee Jay),2005 Registered APHA & Buckskin
One of our non-Morgans here at the farm. Dolce has amassed a pretty serious fan club, even from our die hard Morgan lovers. Dolce is bred to be a cow horse through and through. Starting his career as a team penner, this guy has a fun filled future ahead!

Stu is the most wonderful boy! Thanks to Roger for letting this guy become a member of our family. Stu is a pro when it comes to swimming in the pond, ponying young horses, trail rides, and he's also a seasoned team penner and former jousting horse. He is a big Baroque horse with a heart of gold, and very competitive spirit!

The Brass Master FMF
(Michigan's Secretary Of Brass X Willowlawn's Darling "D"
We are awe-struck by this pony! He is very upheaded, and moves like a little park horse. A lovely Sabino and Splash Pinto gelding. Check out his feature in the Mexican equine magazine "Mundo Equino". His foals have gone on to win many titles and are fast earning Hall Of Fame status!

2005 Mini Donkey
Even on a dreary day, this little man makes us all smile. He scores a 10 on personality alone. Brighty is a wonderful babysitter to some of our young stock, in addition to providing us with a 'someones here' bray. He's also convinced our boodmares are his personal harem.

Est. 1993, Grade Morgan
Cowboy came to us by way of the Forever Morgans Rescue in late 2008. Pictured his first week here, Cowboy is the product of a discarded Amish driving horse from the New Holland Sale. Since coming to us he has had 100% pasture rest and has been just allowed to be a horse. Cowboy has saddled up and is taking part in a local film. He has been a model actor, and is a constant reminder that good solid horses are meeting some sad fates. Watch for some of his 'behind the scenes' pictures soon....

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