Spring 2016..... Farm Whimsy, 2016

I haven't done a complete update since moving to NY in the fall of 2013, and so much has changed. I'm excited to share!

I have been steadily working on farm and barn improvements since my return to the home farm after 10 years away. It's a work in progress, but with each completed project I am seeing my vision for the future of Skyloft not far from reach. Stalls are being rebuilt or repaired as needed, a brand new paint job is almost complete along with some whimsical features, and I am planning on renovating a stall to be used as a feed and tack area inside the barn. It's becoming an even more welcoming and enjoyable place to spend time and work with horses for both myself and clients. Klipa, 2016

With the arrival of 2016 I am pleased to announce that I have opened the doors for training and lessons as it is something I have missed terribly in the last several years. I have a focus on classical riding principles and horsemanship applied to each discipline. I also offer students the chance to explore obstacle work, western dressage and more in a safe and confidence building setting. Plans are also underway to begin construction of an 'extreme trail' obstacle course as part of our wooded and open trail system. (coming soon!) Horses in training are afforded every opportunity to learn trust, build solid skills and develop at a reasonable pace. Owners are encouraged to be a part of the process so that they can be part of developing a good relationship and understanding of their horse.

Finally, I am thrilled to be offering some wonderful prospects, in various stages of training. New photos will be coming soon for our sales horses, and as always be sure to find us on Face Book for more regular updates, pictures and videos!

~Jenn Thoms

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