Skyloft Intimidator
Skyloft Intimidator at 3 weeks. 2003 Black-Bay Stallion
(Carlyle Coalition X Skyloft Cameo)

Junior has truely been special from day one. From the moment he was born, we could see he carried himself differently than most colts. Each photo on this page shows his progression from 3 weeks, to 1 year, to his 4 year old year. Junior is upheaded, has an excellent angle on his shoulder, short coupled- yet stretchy, and a persona that captures. He is very expressive, and seems to have a sense of humor when placing his jolly ball in his bucket- or pushing it out the feed hole in his stall!

Skyloft Intimidator at 1 year. For those of you looking for a stallion that will stamp his get with many desirable traits, and one that offers some of the breeds well known show horses, this is your boy. As Shadow Hawk great grandson- he has that desirable (and powerful)trot that the Flyhawk line was noted for. Skyloft Intimidator at 4 yrs.

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