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"Home of All-Natural and Grassfed beef."

Why choose All-Natural or Grassfed Beef?

Here at Sebago Lake Ranch we do not use any form of growth hormones, or feeds with anitbiodics. Our cows all graze on lush Maine pastures throughout the summer months, and are supplemented with our farm raised hay during the winter. They get to live outdoors, grazing upon nature's 'salad bar' on a daily basis. This makes for happy cows and a healthier product.

According to many sources and also an article featured in MOTHER EARTH NEWS, "better for the environment than crowding cattle onto feedlots, which causes serious problems with air and water quality. Unfourtunately, what we're suddenly becoming more attuned to is another point Robinson makes about feeding cattle corn: This unnatural grain-based diet is producing toxic E.coli bacteria." Jo Robinson wrote Why Grass Fed is Best in 2000 explaining the many health benefits of grass fed beef.

Learn more about the benefits of pastured raised meats and eggs. We highly recommend the book Pasture Perfect by Jo Robinson. It goes into great detail about all the health benefits of a healthier animal and healthier you in addition to offering a great section of recipes to try!


Better for the Animals ......  eating (in the pasture) what nature intended

Better for the Environment ......  harmony between the land and the animals

Better for the Farmer/Rancher .....  living and working in a healthy sustainable atmosphere

Better Food ......  grassfed foods are lower in saturated fats and higher in essential nutrients

Better for You ......  nutritious grassfed foods support better overall health 

If you would like some detailed information about the many nutrional, environmental and health benefits of natural, grassfed beef please visit: Eat Wild. They have several articles and great information.
At this time all sides have been sold and we are growing for the 2007 season. We do have some hamburger available for purchase. Please contact us for availability or to discuss the reservation of a side or whole animal this year. A side too much? We have many people that get together to purchase quarters as well. Call us to see what we can arrange. We will also be attending the new Lakes Region Farmers Market this coming spring, and will be happy to discuss our farming, animals and prodcuts with you.

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