Nothing is more rewarding than the experience of riding. It can instill confidence, let you forget your troubles, provide therapy both in a physical and mental sense, and it is also just plain enjoyable. Here at Skyloft it is important to us that your experience is safe, enjoyable and meets your goals. We offer a learning experience that is non-stressful, enjoyable, and realistic. Instruction is based on principles of sound horsemanship, no matter the syle of riding. If you choose to learn about basic pleasure riding, or a more specialized discipline, we can provide you with tools you need to develope as a rider and horseman. We specialize in beginning riders (of ALL ages), and enjoy working with folks that may have intially thought lessons were not in the budget. Call us to discuss your goals!

A word about what we expect from You...One thing we do require is safe riding gear. Helmets must be worn while mounted (some are available at the farm), long legged pants, and a safe boot with a heel are expected. We also expect students to arrive on time or early. By coming early you will have ample time to get your horse ready and not feel rushed. As lessons times are set for each student, begin and end times are firm, even if you should arrive late for any reason. If you should need to cancel, 24 hours notice is required or the lesson time will be deducted from your balance.

    Lesson Rates:
  • Private 1/2 hour, block of 4 $125.00
  • Private 1 hour, block of 4 $200.00
  • Group, 1 hour, block of 4 $160.00
  • *Intro to Horses, block of 4 $100.00
  • *=1 hour sessions, designed for the student that has minimal/little experience in handling horses. Student will learn to halter, lead, groom, tack-up in addition to rules of safety. This format will give private time at a non-riding rate to prepare the student to become able to safely arrive and prepare a horse for a lesson with minimal assistance.
Give us a call and arrange for an introductory lesson, and to find a time slot that fits your scheduale. While we love visitors, we do ask that if you do not have an appointment to please call first. If someone should drop in during a lesson or training time with our horses, we may not have the time to answer questions or show you around. This also helps keep our riders and horses less distracted during thier training time with us.

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