Kornelija Numic

       Kornelija Numic was born and and raised in Slavonski Brod, Croatia (former republic in Yugoslavia). She was a short, small kid that nobody noticed, so she started learning Taekwon-do at the age of 12, to protect herself. She was too short for volleyball, or basketball. She had no older brother to protect her and so she gave all she had to martial arts.

       Kornelija got her black belt at the age of 14, and was on the Yugolavian National Team. She won several National Championships and had dreams of going to the Olympics. She won the Balkan Championship in 1990, and with the National Team coach was getting ready for the Barcelona Olympics. Her dream was about to be fulfilled.

       However, the war in Balkans started, and Yugoslvaia fell apart. Her hometown was on the border with Bosnia, with only the river Sava as the border between them. At a young age, she saw a lot of sad things, and a lot of innocent people dying. An American camp was built in her hometown with 4000 soldiers. They needed interpreters, and she was just out of high school. She started working, and that job gave her the opportunity to leave for the United States.

       It was hard leaving her family, but she wanted a better life for them. After a semester in Houston in the summer of 1996, she got a scholarship and transferred to the University of Texas-Dallas. Throughout her college years she always wanted to train and fight, and often wondered if she ever would again. She graduated in 2001 with a BA in Criminal Justice and Biology, and started working as a field agent for the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office.

       She finally had time to train and started going to a kickboxing gym run by Chuck Best and Steve Goin. After eight months she won her first International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) title (August 2002). A year later she defended her title, and then wanted to find ways to improve her style.

       Kornelia's kicks were always her best weapons, but she realized she needed to improve her hand skills. She started going to the Garland Police Boxing gym run by Lt. Swavey. She won the Dallas Golden Gloves in 2002 and 2003. She could not, however, advance to a national tournament in USA Boxing, since she was not a citizen. In November 2004 she obtained her U.S. residency (green card) thanks to her "athletic ability". Now she has the freedom to travel and visit her family in Croatia.

       Kornelia moved to Ft. Myers, Florida in March 2005, and is working as a Medicolegal Investigator for the Ft. Myers Medical Examiner's Office. She now trains at the SJC Boxing Club and is looking forward to her professional debut. When not training or working she enjoys going to the beach with her Chihuahua Rocky, or going to the movies.

Date Of Birth:   02/07/76



1. 02/17 Jenna Shiver, Tampa, Florida Draw 4

2. 04/07 Jenna Shiver, Tampa, Florida W4

WINS--1       LOST--0       DRAWS--1       K.O.'s--0