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Shareware & Freeware

Welcome to SabreSoft Freeware and Shareware. SabreSoft writes computer programs games for the Apple computer only. A lot of our games are free or Freeware, which means you get it for free but can't sell them to other people. If you have any questions email us at

New Games

                    Operation: Blizen              Redstone Attack                   =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
SabreSoft Products:

Operation: Blitzen                    Redstone Attack
This is a new World War III game.         This is our newest war game.
You are commander of US forces          You must attack an enemy
against the Soviets, take them             country using Redstone IRBMs
all out before they take you out.            to win or else...
Freeware                              Freeware

Flight Stat v2.0                   Flight Brief
Use this program with any                 Used with Bullseye Software's
online Flight Sim, keep stats               Flying Circus, keep records of
with it and know how good               your Mission Creator missions
someone is before and after               or keep records of ones your
you flew.                             friends have made.
Freeware                             Freeware

Guess v5.0                       Bomber Commander/Airfielder
Use this game to guess the number          In Bomber Commander you command
from 1 to 10, 20, 30,100 and up.           a squadron of bombers, bomb until
A great game if you have little RAM         you run out of airplanes
or Harddisk. Plus 10 levels lets you         In Airfielder you must protect
play for hours. (5 New levels in v5.0)       you base from enemy bombers as
Freeware                              long as you can
Demo is avaible                         Freeware
                                     Download Demo

One Armed Bandit               Submarine v1.1
OAB is a slot machine                 This  is a game from SabreSoft.
game, just play the machine             In this game your a commander of
until you run out of cash               a submarine and you must patrol
Demo is not aviable, download          the water and sink as many boats
the whole game today!                as you can, before you run out of ammo
Freeware                           Freeware


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In Sabresoft most of our products are freeware, but we like to know who played our programs, so you can download demo and if you like we can email you the game, infavor we would just like to here your comments and suggestions about the game.

If you are unable to download from this website, and rather have floppy disks sent to you, we may be able to send you them but shipping and handeling charges.

Your person:
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If you have any comments, questions or suggestions email us at

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