We need your dog......

Do you have a dog that you think may be suitable for placement as a Working K9?

ROGUE K9 Training Center is currently looking for dogs to be trained for SEARCH & RESCUE, SECURITY PATROL, POLICE SERVICE & DETECTION DOG placement.

We desire dogs of working or sporting breeds (as listed below) that of good health, stable background and a generally stable personality.

Many of the dogs that we find to be best suited for the jobs we have available are often listed as "problem" dogs at home with their family. They are often very active and sometimes even over protective. Do not fail to contact us due to someone else telling you your dog would not work out.

Once contacted, we will gather some basic information concerning your dog and then arrange for an evaluation of your dog by one of our training staff. Should your dog successfully complete the evaulation process, we will transfer your dog to our training facility for further evaulation and foundation training.

PLEASE NOTE - once your dog is accepted into the program it becomes the property and responsability of ROGUE K9 Training. All transfers include the signing of a "Transfer of Ownership Agreement" to be signed by the dog's owner and ROGUE K9.

Email: roguek9@juno.com