Search & Rescue Dog Training

The training of search dogs is not something to be entered into without plenty of prior planning. By training a SARDog , you commit yourself & your canine to a very serious task. Before beginning you must undertand the LONG TERM commitment you are will need to continue the training porcess (in some form) for many years.

To become reliable as a SARDog team , both you & your canine have many skills to learn. In addition to those needed to handle a SARDog , you should also learn FIRST AID , MAP & COMPASS and SAR MANAGEMENT. The best way to do so is by joining an organized SAR team in your area.

Remember that many of the classes offered are designed not to make you & your dog "mission ready" , but rather to help guide you in such a quest. The purpose of ALL training programs should be to assist the student in building a foundation & framework for success........Only through hard work & practice can you & your canine become "READY FOR THE FIELD"!!!!!

With this in mind....PLEASE CONTINUE......

ROGUE K9 offers several SARDog training programs..... including , but not limited to:

Wilderness (Air-Scenting)

Tracking/Trailing (Wilderness & Urban)

Cadaver (Land & Water)

Disaster (USAR)

For more information , please contact us or check back as this page continues to be updated