Protection Training for Law Enforcment , Security , Home & Business

Since the dawn of civilization , man has looked to the dog as both a friend and protector. We at ROGUE K9 continue to look at dogs as both friends and it on the street as a POLICE/SECURITY K9 partner or in the business or home as a protector of yourself and loved ones.

To provide the best possible service to our clients , we offer several different programs under this heading --- Patrol (Law enforcement) , Home/Family Protection & Business/Security . Each having been trained for the unique area of usage.


Available to LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES ONLY , these are the K9 Patrol dogs that you would see in departments across the nation. Training available includes patrol/apprehension , scent detection , tracking/trailing & other specialized programs.

CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION -- please be prepared to provide Department Name , Rank & contact information.


As the daily newspaper becomes increasingly thicker with reports of CARJACKINGS , KIDNAPPINGS , HOME INVASIONS & PERSONAL ASSAULTS --- more and more celebrities , executives and families have looked for ways to protect themselves and those around them.

It is due to the high risk associated with firearms , pepper spray and other self defense weapons that Home/Family Protection Dogs have become increasingly more popular.

Unlike any of these defense weapons , a dog can not be taken by the would be criminal and used against you.

You also do not have to try to hide the Home/Family Protection Dog away from childern (like you would a gun) --- because it is PART OF THE FAMILY. Ever vigilant in protecting you and your family , even if you are not on guard for a potential problem.

A trained Home/Family Protection Dog can accompany you and protect you while:

In short....any activity you and your family take part in now --- you can do so with added security and peace of mind while accompanied by a professioanlly trained Home/Family Protection Dog.


Dependent upon your needs , the training of a Home/Family Protection Dog through ROGUE K9 Training is available is 3 levels , each increasing in degree of training & ability of both you and your dog in areas such as Obedience , Agility , Control and Protection -- along with information of health/care & grooming.

Before having a dog placed with you or your family , a security needs consultation would be preformed to establish your individual needs.

All Home/Family Protection Dog purchases include:

Upon completion of the 5day handler course , additional training courses are available to further increase the knowledge & working ablility of both you and you canine partner. It is recommended the you attend atleast ONE continuing education session with your dog per month to insure that your skills are kept sharp.


Due to the varying needs of each client , the price of each Home/Family Protection Dog als varies.

As a guideline , we suggest that you plan on spending between $2500.00 & $5000.00 for the average Home/Family Protection Dog package .... with more exclussive programs run up to $10,000.00.

Continued training programs (to insure the skill level of you & your dog) are available , with prices starting at $50.00/hr for sessions at our facility --- increasing to $75.00 (to start) for sessions to be conducted at your place of residence.