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Korean Raggedys


Seo Young , our Korean Raggedy, is here!

  • What does her name mean?
    Seo means wisdom and Young means blossom
  • For $60.00, Seo Young will come with her own cotton or silk Korean Hanbok. Please remember to specify clothing color. 
  • For a list of available colors, email Judy.
  • She has her own, signature hair style
  • Her heart contains an embroidered Korean character that means Love.


Two ways to *Order!
1. You can use our online order form or
2. you may email your order to:

*Please remember that shipping is the buyers responsibility and is in addition to your order total. Doll orders will be filled in the order we receive them.

If you choose to mail your order:
Judy Miller
1948 Thorndale Ave.
Stow, Ohio 44224

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Questions? Email us at:

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