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Virtual Dragon
Virtual Dragon

Screen Shot

Virtual Dragon is a virtual pet which must be constantly cared for. This is not one of those pets that you can just leave for thirty minutes and expect it to be all right. Virtual Dragon is completely dependent on you for its very survival. You must teach it to fly, feed it, train it, and put it to bed when it gets tired.

Virtual Dragon was designed with the help of the creative peopole at DraconIsle. With their help we have managed to create a surprisingly amusing computerized dragon which does everything from singing to sneezing. We hope you will enjoy this game.
Requires Windows 95/98, 256-Color Mode (High Color Suggested), Two-Button Mouse (Keyboard Suggested), Sound Card (Suggested) and 10 Mb Disk Space.

Updates: The AROnTop OCX error has been fixed (for sure, this time), we've slowed down the hunger and fatigue rates a bit so he doesn't die quite as easily, and a few other small problems have been corrected. Please contact us if you still experience problems with the new version.

Download Virtual Dragon v1.5