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"Okay, here's the thing." In order to keep my proofreading and copyediting rates low, I use a free web host. Angelfire, in order to make money advertising, not to mention in an attempt to force me to purchase a hosting plan, uses pop-up ads, which are annoying, and Google Adwords, which advertise my competitors' sites right at the top of my web page. Now you can click away to the other proofreader and copyeditors' paid ads (you kinda have to realize that if they pay for ads, etc., the expense must be absorbed somewhere in the fees you pay), or you can stick around and see what you can learn here. The choice is yours.

Need a proofreader? Try me! Oh, you don't need a copyeditor? Try a free proofreading and copyediting consult from an experienced affordable professional and see. I'll help you write better, decrease your embarrassment, and reach your goals. For instance, did you know that, in America, copy editor is also spelled "copyeditor," but text editor isn't spelled "texteditor," and proofreader isn't spelled "proof reader," but in the UK, proofreader is spelled proof reader? There are many nationality differences in English, and of course, a proofreader's or copyeditor's style also depends on which references (s)he uses, but enough of that. Read on and see how I can help you and why you should want a proofreader (proof reader) and copyeditor (copy editor) on your writing team.

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A Last Look

Worldwide Online Proofreader and Copy Editor or Copyeditor
Use a "wordwright" in your write-right rites!
Navigation and Contact Information links

Picture of the world this proofreader and copyeditor's services circle

Let a proofreader and copyeditor (or copy editor if you prefer) catch image-diminishing mistakes in your on-line or off-line documents and manuscripts before business associates, clients, or potential clients see them.

Proofreading, Text Editing, Copyediting, and Rewriting (checking your spelling, typos, punctuation, word choices, grammar, sentence structure, continuity, and style) for Web pages or anything that can be sent as an e-mail attachment

Use your computer to proofread your copy? Your word processor may have a "spelling checker," but only a proofreader/copyeditor can detect when you have used peel instead of peal, weakly instead of weekly, or (the dreaded) their instead of they're. And, unlike your software's "grammar checker," a proofreader or copyeditor will make only necessary changes in an easy-to-accept-or-reject manner, instead of just pointing out what MAY be an error or suggesting some inane change for something that isn't wrong.


Want to become better at writing but don't have time to go back to school? As I edit, you will see many of your weaknesses. If you don't readily see why I changed something, you can ask me why I made a change. As you learn the rules, you will become so proficient that you will eventually need me to take A Last Look at only the most important jobs. And when I do look at them, there will be so few revisions, it won't take much of my time at all--a huge savings for you over the long run.

Network of Proofreaders, Copy Editors, Writers, Medical Transcriptionists, and Word Processors

Lonely "Consultant"? In the future we'll be building a world-wide network of Proofreaders, Copy Editors, Writers, Word Processors, and Transcriptionists in the spirit of Co-opetition!
AFFORDABLE! Tight Budget? You need help, but your helper needs to buy groceries too! I only charge $18.00/hour--not an outrageous wage--to help you. I can instruct you so you do more of the editing and I do less, to save you money. On the other hand, if you need full services, I can provide them at one of the most reasonable rates in the industry.
These beads symbolize a network of proofreaders and copyeditors who serve clients' needs on an international scale.
Proofreading doesn't cost nearly as much as it pays! Most publishers turn down manuscripts because they see too much time ($) will be spent editing them! Let a proofreader and/or copyeditor eliminate this problem for you! An American copyeditor can help writers for whom English is a second language, who may not recognize what American readers perceive as errors.
This string of beads symbolizes a network of proofreaders and copyeditors that serves clients' needs on an international scale

There is a lot of information on this site. Different visitors will find different information useful, and I'm sure no visitor will care to read it all. For that reason I will attempt to provide clearly identified links to information of interest to specific classes of readers. If you don't find what you need here, by all means feel free to to contact me by following the instructions below. If you find this site useful, please tell your friends using the popup form triggered by clicking on the following button:

This string of beads symbolizes a network of proofreaders and copyeditors that serves clients' needs on an international scale

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Contact Person: Lynda Karr (FYI: Mrs., but we don't stand on ceremony around here.)
Contact Preference: E-mail--see instructions below.

All communications of any type with A Last Look are private and confidential, and may not be stored by any means or shared in any manner with anyone else without the written permission of Lynda Karr. Communications from you are accorded the same rights. Your e-mail address is never shared with anyone else without your express permission except as demanded by the law. If you receive a communication intended for someone else from me by mistake, you may not use anything in it for your personal gain or for the personal gain or injury of others, and you should notify me at once, delete the communication, and ignore its contents.

Message Instructions: I'm eager to hear from you, but thanks to UCE/SPAM and address-harvesting robots, I've had to devise a method of masking my e-mail addresses and/or weeding out serious inquiries from junkmail. My method is to (1) switch to a new e-mail address whenever spam overwhelms my e-mailbox and (2) provide subject lines for you to use that robots can't use, filtering your inquiries to the folders I check while messages without these subject lines is sent to the trashcan or bulk-mail folder and unceremoniously deleted without being read.

So please follow these instructions:

(1) If you don't need me now but think you might in the future, please bookmark this page and come back here to click on the current e-mail address when you need me. Once you become a client/networker, you'll be given a permanent address that receives mail only from you and places it in my Daily Work folder.

(2) For your initial message, to enable my e-mail program to filter your message properly, please choose one of the following subject lines and type or copy-and-paste it into the subject line of your message. I look at messages with these subject lines first and the rest of my messages when I get around to it--if I get around to it. If you are unable to follow directions, I will be unable to help you in anything resembling a timely manner.

Select and copy one of these subject lines:

I may need a proofreader and/or copyeditor.
I am a proofreader and/or copyeditor.
I'd like to be a proofreader and/or copyeditor.
I have a comment about A Last Look and/or your Web site.
I have a business proposal for A Last Look.

Then click on the "Send e-mail" link.

Once you've clicked on the link, your e-mail program will pop up. Right-click in the Subject line, and click paste to enter the subject line you chose from those above (or just type it in). Then, compose your message including how I should address you in my response (Mr or Ms last name, or by your first name), at least your general location (city, time zone), a phone number at which you can be reached in case e-mail ceases to work (which is the only scenario under which I would initiate a phone call), and a short outline of what you are hoping to accomplish. If you are requesting a free estimate, please attach your project file(s) or a file containing a few pages from the middle of your project.

Send e-mail

To send a personal message, click on the following link and write a subject line that includes the name I would know you by, like "Do you remember Lynda Sandford, from Maple Shade or Marlton, NJ?". Hi, Lynda

Having trouble? If mailer daemon returns your message or if the links above don't appear to work for you, send your message directly to me at dzntwrk (means the link or your e-mail "doesn't work"), but please don't forget the subject-line instructions above.

If you are a client or potential client and do not receive a reply from me within one business day, it may be because your e-mail host treats mail from as spam.

Check with your provider to see if placing my yahoo address in your filters or address book will negate that block. If so, copy my address from the message you sent me (a copy of every message you send should go to your "sent" folder) to paste into your filters or address book. Then notify me that you haven't received my response to your previous message.

If putting my Yahoo! address in your program won't work, please resend your request, and tell me your e-mail host won't accept yahoo mail. I will answer from my ISP. I move around a bit and my ISP can change, so I prefer to use stable, continuous, able-to-be-reached-from-any-computer Yahoo.

If you are a potential networker or newbie/wannabe, you won't hear from me until network activity increases and I am once again accepting applicants or I have new pages on the site that may be of interest to you. I will keep your information on file for that purpose and that purpose alone.

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you, even if it is to complain about my site (grin)!

Click here for a free birthday invitation from me to you.

P.S. If you or someone you know would like to read the most amazing book on the birth of Jesus and the inner workings of the Spirit World, check out "Unto Us", by Sharon Lindsay.

If you like books that expose you to different cultures, check out Silent Ears, Silent Heart: A Deaf Man's Journey Through Two Worlds. It's a thoroughly enjoyable look into a life that literally millions of people experience. You know how you're always tempted to say, "I know how you feel" when someone starts to tell you what their particular burden is like? Well, unless you're deaf, you can't possibly know what it's like. And unless you were born deaf or became deaf at a very young age, you can't really understand what it is like to grow up deaf. I learned some heart-tugging lessons reading this, and I think everyone should read it.

Or click here to check out Ninni Lemus, the author of "The Collegians". Her book exposes you to life in Ethiopia in the late 1950's and early '60's through the eyes of a boarding-school girl. It's a look into a world few have ever experienced.

Now, if you like mysteries and especially if you know a young person (age 9 or older) who likes mysteries, click here to purchase "Rinnie and the Trail of Clues". Sorry, there's no sample to read, but my grandkids loved it (and so did I), if that matters to you.

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