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Presenting ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of Exotic Feather Boas, Fancy Feathers and Feather Goods.

Fancy Feathers of Turkey, Ostrich, Peacock, Goose, Coque, Guinea, Pheasants, Duck.

Use our products to enhance your Decoration Projects, Art and Craft Supplies, Millinery, Jewelery, Costume Adorning, Fly Tying Materials, Accessories etc. 

Please feel free to browse our site and we would be happy to assist you in making your purchase decision.

 Customer Feedback

Hello Paula,

I was delighted with the feathers I purchased from your web site. They were
perfectly shaped, and the colors were vibrant. If it weren't for your prompt response and flexibility in arranging
expedited delivery, I would not have been able to use them in the seminar I was
presenting. They were an integral part of the seminar, so without your
support, I would have had to change a significant portion of the seminar.

I will certainly be ordering additional products from you in the future.
Thanks for the excellent service.

Linda Harless
Dear Plumes & Feathers

Both the feathers and your service are excellent. The
feathers arrived before some others which were ordered at the same time from a
USA source, and were of finer quality. We will be sending you an order for
another 2-300 next week, with more to follow I hope. Many thanks for
the very prompt delivery of very fine feathers!


Plumes & Feathers
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