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Alright, everyone loves garage bands, here is a "small" collection i found while surfing the net ( actually taken from www.worldwidepunk.com, one of the best sources for punk. check them out, they kick ass!) If any one has a suggestion for a punk garage bands not listed on our archives, e-mail me at: p5ych0@anti-social.com. Make sure the band is not in our directory first!


Obliterated YOuth
"sterling va anarcho-punk band, site includes bios, lyrics, thought provoking info, show dates, pics and all that other shit"

"Oblivion is a punk band from Chicago. This site includes the bands discography, lyrics, sound files, upcoming shows and news and much more."

"The unofficioal website for Chicago's metal-punk superstars."

"Obnoxious! is a kickass music from France, a slam on your face from authentic punks, with rage, violence... If you try it, you'll become addicted."

Obscuro Amanecer
"A Hard-Core Punk Band from Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas Mexico, against politics, religion, and hunger."

"we are a crust band from the London Ont. area"

"Anarchist crust/grind from Baltimore"

"Octane are a Punk Rock band from Toronto, Canada. In your face punk rock played fast and hard. No image, No attitude. An intense onslaught of pure power."

"South Floridas pop punk influenced by the fat chick on the psychic commercial and Emanuel Lewis"

Odd Man Out
"Odd Man Out is a punk band who's style ranges from hardcore to ska to Oi. From Ontario Canada, and dedicated to the scene."

Odd One Out
"are a punk/hc band from Australia. I would insert some amusing comment here to grab your attention, but I won't."

The Odorants
"We're the fantastic four from Finland and we punk fucking rock! :)"

The Offensive
"The Offensive's New Page!"

Officer Annie
"Punk rock band from St. Cloud, MN. Cop Core? Hardcore? Punk fuckin' Rock."

Off Limits
"A teen sXe punk band from Japan. We're all Irish and we have a weird sense of humor. We play covers and our originals about chix, anal sex, hate, chicken, pimps, & B&D/S&M! Fun, eh?"

The Offspring
I guess this is the OFFICIAL Offspring homepage....

The Offspring

The Offspring
"Pagina NO oficial de offspring, de muy buena calidad y °°°en castellano!!!"

The Offspring
"An offspring site that has songs, a special album recommendation system, links, and polls."

The Offspring
"um offspring site with heaps of shit in it "

The Offspring
"The Offspring Rulez! - ComE And Check It OuT"

The Offspring
"A page totally dedicated to The Offspring."

Oi Polloi
"Lyrics to Oi Polloi (Scottish D.I.Y. anarchopunk band) album: In Defence Of Our Earth"

Oi Polloi

The Oi!riginals
"four piece punk/oi/hardcore band from harrisburg,pa. with influences like the Sex Pistols,The Casualties, H2O,and Op.Ivy"

The Oi Scouts
"homepage of cincinnati oh punk/ska band, designed by the bass player. lots o pics & sound clips, plus show info & a way to order the stuff (tapes, stickers, patches, etc.)!!!"

Old Man Smithers
"Its the Old Man Smithers punk rock utopia world. A virtual punk rock wonderland featuring those sick and crazy Smithers boys."

"Hard beer drinking band from sweden, PISSED AND PROUD!"

The Ombudsmen
"Intelligently profane fast as hell playing kids from up north"

"The dark side of your sex life."

One Bad Pig
"This is a great 70's/80's punkrock band. They have great screaming lyrics. Some compare them to Sx pistols ect.. They have put out 6 albums....."

One Car Pile-Up
"Home page of this British punk rock band. OCP includes ex-members of Gan, Terminus & Mental Seizure, and play hard, fast, chunky poonk in the style of NOFX, Strung Out or maybe Propagandhi."

One Concern
"A good, old-style HARDCORE band from Lawrence,Ks. UNITY!!!"

One Dead Waiter
"We are a six piece ska -core band from HK...check this page out!"

On Edge
"Slacker punk based in Baltimore MD"

One for the Gipper
"We are a hardcore band from Aberdeen, SD. We may sound scary, but we really aren't."

One Hit Wonder
"Has other bands,but features one hit wonder. Has sounds from 3 albums,4th up coming and discography comming"

One King Down
"Hardcore band from NY"

One More Dream
"one more dream is pop, punk, emo-core band out of Toronto, Canada"

One Ninety One
"The OFFICIAL home page of the hottest New School Punk band on the East Coast."

One Nut Short
"the official page for a up and comin' punk rock band from portland OR."

One Pig's Scandal
"CT hardcore punk!"

One Reason
"This is the One Reason web page. One Reason is a 3 piece punk rock band from Cleveland, MS. We play a mixture of pop-punk, hardcore, and emo. We write songs about boys, girls, life, and politics."

One Shot Left
"Fast, tight, melodic, skate/pop-punk band from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada"

One Step Back
"The official website to find out about Northwest Florida's finest Melodic New School Punk Band"

One Way System
"Official One Way System home page"

Operation:Cliff Clavin
"Operation: Cliff Clavin's own web site"

Operation: Cliff Clavin
"the operation: cliff clavin web site. check it out."

Operation Ivy
Excellent mix of hardcore punk and ska!

Operation Ivy
"An awesome Operation Ivy page! Band pics, Info, and more"

Operation Ivy
"Unity- an Operation Ivy page"

Operation Ivy
"You like Operation Ivy? Come on in and find alot out about OPIVY and a little about opivgirl and her other favorite bands!"

Operation Ivy
"If you like Operation Ivy you gotta go to this site......Here you can find history, pics, sounds, and links to the best Operation Ivy sites on the net....Come on!!!!"

Operation Ivy
"This is a pretty good Operation Ivy page that has many sounds."

OperationIvy/Rancid Page
"Killer page an info on two of the greatest punk bands of all time: Operation Ivy and Rancid!"

"Opposition are an anarcho/peace punk band, located about an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh, PA.. Musically we are along the lines of early Discharge, or Crucifix. Lyrically we take a stand against injustices that are accepted as social norms"

"Official opus homepage, contains up to date pictures, sounds, lyrics, and tour dates"

"home of orchard, a metalcore band from blacksburg, virginia"

The Ordinaries
"Ordinaries Central: Home of Pittsburgh, PA's least favorite pop-punk band, The Ordinaries. Sound files, pictures, and don't forget to sign the guestbook!! "

"the official web site of orgAsmo... possibly the 1st chilean punk band"

"Orifis are a uk poppy-punky type band bringing the world catchy tunes to melt the coldest of hearts. Playing a blend of British and American-esque pumk rock fun, they have been well recieved in the UK and it's only a matter of time before they take over the world, HA,HA,HA..'sigh'. Check it out!"

The Ornitologs
Swedish punk band.

Os' Almirantes
"Simple ReggaepunkPanama site with photos, history, real audio songs and comments about the band."

"UK punk rock band website. fairly new but should have a load of audio and pictures soon.news page for people to keep up with what we're up to .coming shows .favourite links and music."

"Murphy's Law meets The Meatmen in this new hardcore punk band."

The Outcasted Teens
"Dutch punkrock band. Very cool website."

Thee Outcasts
"Thee Outcasts are three dumb-ass punks from Windsor, Ontario, Canada who have nothing better to do than play in a punk rock band that no one in Windsor likes."

The Outcasts
"Good ol' NorthWest Skate-Punk"

"Pop-Punk from NJ, unique sound."

Out of Hand
"Rippin' grindin' axel-shifting Sk8 Thrash!"

Out Of Hand
"An Unofficial Site of The whitby thrashers Out Of Hand!"

Out Of Hand
"Yet another page for the southern Ontario Thrashers!!!"

Out of Line
"High-School poppy ska-punk. Spike up your mohawk and put on your dancin' shoes!!!"

Out Of Line
"Power Punk/Ska from Sacramento, CA who aren't that poppy!"

Out Of Order
"California ska-punk, skacore, or ska-whatever-you-wanna-call-it band."

Out of Practice
"A pop-punk band from upstate NY"

Out of the Ring
"Fast rockabilly punk."

The Outside
"Fast, fun and furious punk rock from So-Cal."

"Outspan is a crazy Ska-Punk Band from Burlinton Ontario. Please check out the page and keep coming back 'cause its updated every day!"

Over and out
"Band from Trbovlje, Slovenia influenced by bands like minor threat, circle jerks, 7 seconds...."

"A great Swedish punkrockband "

The Overdrives
"Power punk from Nazareth PA!"

The Overdrives
"The Overdrives are PA based outfit that plays amazing power-punk."

"Russian Punk Rock band in ChelyabinsK"

The Over-Reactors
"The official website of the Orange County based music group the OVER-REACTORS."

"The legendary hardcore band from Chicago is finally back together, and this is their Official Web site."

"A punk rock band from quebec city"

"Everything you ever wanted to know about the greatest streetpunk band to ever come out of germany"

The Oxymorons
"drunken punks from orleans, ontario"


"psychedelic punk - mindless music for mindless people"

"The homepage of P.A.C., a noise rock band from Bellingham, WA (via Yuma, AZ) "We're louder than loud/vexatious as fuck/if you like peace and quiet/yer shit outta luck""

Pacific Paintball
"The official website of dutch skapunkers Pacific Paintball"

Painted thin
"Painted thin is a political pop punk band from winnipeg manitoba with a focus on gender and equality issues."

"The Punk-Ska band on Surreal Records that people love to hate."

Info about Palmolive: "Drummer Palmolive, best known for her short yet memorable tenures with seminal girl punk (pop) outfits the Slits and the Raincoats, sold her drums and found religion some fifteen years ago."

The Panadolls
"the panadolls sound like rock n roll sent to fight in the vietnam war with a platoon of punks!!!"

Pandemonium Fat Kids (PfK)
"HardCore Punk band based out of Airdrie Alberta Canada. Just happy go lucky punk rock with a bit of a twist. Check us out!"

"A punk band Straight outta Music city Tennessee with influences from Screeching Weasel to Metallica"

the Pantaloonatics
"punk music. real bad sound quality on the downloads but you'll get the idea. its worth going to if you want to hear some alright punk music, and if you don't want to hear some alright music then go any ways and sign the guest book."

The Pantlegs
"A mad page for ska/punk babies the Pantlegs featuring great links to many local Michigan bands and beyond!"

Papal Itch
"The Official Site for San Francisco's newest punk phenomenon, Papal Itch !!!"

"One of the best punk band in France. After six years of vacations, Parabellum released a new live album."

Paranoid Visions
"Long running Irish noise merchants."

"A carnival cavalcade of corny cojecture concerning California's....Parasites (get your midi players crankin')"

"Home page for Park Midwest Emo-core from Springfield, IL"

"Political crust punk band from Malaysia"

"Paraffin is a punk/pop band that is only kids."

Part of the Problem
"Part of the Problem is punk rock band based in Pennsylvania, they have been described as "Black Flag gone anarchist with a D.H. Peligro/Klaus Flouride backbeat""

Passive Aggression
"The Official Passive Aggression Homepage"

Pass Out
"Official Pass Out homepage. Pass Out is a punkrockband from Sweden. On our site you can read our lyrics and you can find out when we have gigs and other info about the band."

Pasta Rocket
"Pasta Rocket pictures, sound files, shows etc."

Pasta Rocket
"Tucson Arizona's number one Punk attraction. See why bands are lining up to headline for these starving artists."

Pat Robertson's Illegitimate Children
"Page about athiest psychadelic hardcore-metal from Lake County."

The Patron Test
"so all about pretty"

Patron ur
"Oi! Punk! Mp3-files! Porta-studio 4-channel recordings. From Sweden"

"We are a band of original styles from Brockville, Ont Canada"

Pavlov's Dogs
" pavlov's dogs were a philadelphia based queer punk band with split male/female vocals and cool lyrics. "

Pay Neuter
"This band fucking kicks ass with the best of 'em. Their site is pretty good too. Check this out, there are some funny things here. (Updated often)."

The Peabodies
"Punk Rawk band site, from MI. We play fast, melodic, geeky and poppy PUNK RAWK!! Influenced by MxPx, Slick Shoes, & NOFX"

"A new band from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada."

Pea Shooter
"Pea Shooter- Pop Punk from PA on Imperfekt Records."

The Pedestrians
"Home page of Auburn, Al. hadcore/punk band. Featuring members of Hodgi and the Turbans, Karloff 2056, Stuck at Zero, and 12 ounces."

"The Peeches are a punk rock band from the San Francisco/Oakland area."

"Pegboy, former members of Naked Raygun, Bhopal Stiffs! Great Chicago In-Your-Face Stuff"

"NY Based Pop-Punk band,Clips from our debut cd,full lyrics,pics and bios,tour schedule and much much more!!!!!!!"

"Brief info about North of England punk band PelletHead"

Pen Cap Chew
"this is the homepage of Pen Cap Chew a skate~punk~hardcore band out of boston/quincy MA. we play shows with punk bands like drexel and 4HD, ska bands like big d & the kids table, hardcore bands like denounce and blood for blood and pop bands like letters to cleo and others. we'll upgrade the site soon and it'll kick more ass."

The Pedantics
"want to hear the new English punk band`s new cd or join the chat room?? Go Here"

A 70's female punk band.

"Simple pop/punk site w/ great full mp3 sounds from upcoming cd. We will take over the world!"

The Penis Wolves
"The Penis Wolves Homepage - The band your mother warned you about!"

Penny And The Brainz
"Doin' What Dumb Cunts Do Best, we are a pr foursome from bowling green kentucky. yummy music for mean kids. "

The official Pennywise web page.


"It has comprehensive data from and about the band."

"contains discography, audio, video, photos, links, etc..."

"A site with a pennywise dedication page with links to many other punk sites"

"Pennywise page: contains loads of: picures, album info, lyrics, guitar tablatures, reviews, sound clips."

"Links, lyrics and discography"

"The most exclusive Pennywise site out there!"

"tabs, links, lyrics, pictures, discography and more!"

""...the clown they call PENNYWISE!!!" What more can I say"

"This is a branch of my main site "Skater's Paradise". It has an not yet released single from the upcoming album from the group."

"Pennywise lyrics, articles, videos, voting, and more."

"Pennywise news, pics, sounds, live stuff and more!"

PeoPle Not Profit$
"A toronto area 3 member punk/ska-ish band just recently started. Kind of GOB meets Jersey."

Pere Ubu
"Cleveland's "Avant Garage" rockers."

Personality Crisis
"Undoubtadly one of the most underated hardcore bands in North American punk history. Yet, although they broke up in the late 80's with one album to their credit, the recieves world wide radio play to this day. Mesmerizing live..."

The Perverts
"Classic, Loud, Fast, Raw Garage-Punk-Rock at its best."

peskao frito
"a great ska-punk band from panama"

Peta N‰san
"Swedish punk band. "

Peter & The Test Tube Babies
This is the official P&TTTB home page!

Peter Pan Complex
"Peter Pan Complex is a band from SW Florida that uniquely combines emo, metal, post-hardcore, hardcore, and even a little pop here and there. "

The Pet Peeves
"The Pet Peeves are a pop-punk quartet hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Catchy, rockin songs with a cute band to match."

"Melodic hardcore from Memphis, TN"

"Pezz is a great melodic punk band outta Tennessee"

"In your face, hardcore punk rock from the Rose City"

The Phlegmatics
"No frills ska-punk-hardcore with female driven vocals. 'nuff said."

Phoenix Foundation
"phoenix foundation....fast arcel core from virginia beach,va"

"The best live band ever! Melodic Punk and hip-hop at its best. This is pure Shatbone stylee"

"PhyscoSexist, an all girl punk band from Perth Australia, they all sing, they play, but the added bonus is the don't dance! Visit the sight!"

Il Pianto Di Rachel Cattiva (Bad Rachel's cryin')
"An italian punk-core band...dive in us...and...destroy your mind!"

"This is the rock 'n' roll band Pickle's web site."

The Pig Must Die
"full melodic german Punkrock! No Deutschpunk!"

Pimp This
"Our Music is somewhat punk or whatever you want to call it, we just write songs and play them. We write about stuff that matters to us, yeah its a political punk band. We dont want $ were in it totally for the fun aspect."

Pineal Ventana
"Atlanta based post-punk experimental band, one of the freshest things out there! This is their official fan-created site. Incredible stuff, check it out! Punk-noise meets ambiant, improve, tribal rhythms, experimental instrumentation..."

Pinhead Gunpowder
"a super group from CA--green day, crimpshrine and others"

"Brazilian punk/hardcore band."

Pinhead Squadron
"We are a young melodic punk trio out of madison, wi. Check out the page to find more on this awsome band."

Pinkerton Thugs
"Damn great band from Maine. Paul from the Unseen's with these guys. They do some Clash stuff, and Slapshot stuff. Nothin else to say, but they're great."

"Pinkeye is an 8 piece pop punk/ska band from Augusta, GA. Come look at the page and let us rock your brains out."

Pink Kross
"all girl garage punk trash from scotland. ths site contains biog, discog, photos ,and stuff about other cool local punk and garage bands."

Pink Lincolns
Lots of Pink Lincolns info here.

The Pink Torpedoes
"The louder you scream the faster we go !"

"This is a neat web site for the pop punk band Pinky. They play great pop punk similar to The Mcrackins, Zoinks, or the Invalids. If you're into that kinda stuff, please come give us a visit. Rock on."

The Pints

The Pin-Ups
"The Pin-Ups are a rock'n'roll punk band from Toronto, Ontario. We also have a little surf, rockabilly, garage and ska in the mix. It all about high energy, baby!"

The Pissants
"We're a punk band from the Buffalo, NY area. We sound kinda like Good Riddance, maybe No Use.....blah, blah"

The Piss Shivers
"The official site for those "Rock Gods" the Piss Shivers!"

The Pist
"Hardcore punk from the eastcoast..In your face...Band info,pics,entire album Ideas Are Bulletproof in real audio and lyrics -RavensFire-"

Pistol Grip
"These lads hail from the SGV of southern California bringing you straight up Oi! and punk rock into the scene."

Pitch Factor
"San Diego, Ca. Riff heavy melodic punk with hooks galore. No teen sap here, just solid driving alterno-core whatever. Influences from early 80's US/UK punk. Fast & easy audio downloads, photos, bio, tour info available."

"This site has pics, sounds, tab, a WWBoard, lyrics, equipment faq's, reviews, a weekley vote and TONS more!! It is updated every day."

"Kings of cool...very angry ! not happy ! We ate your grannies fecal matter right out of the diaper."

Plaid Monkey
"We're a hardcore punk band from Pa. We have a 10 song demo and just recorded again. We're always looking for shows ANYWHERE, with ANYONE."

"65 pages on a red neck crazy man who sings and stands around to spit into a bucket."

Plan 9
"Teenage suburban punk rock from the mean streets of Arlington Heights Illinois."

Plan 9
"we are a mexican punk rock band in the misfits' style, yeah, punk in mexico, in our site, we have some sound files and pics of the band"

Plan 10
"Its a resource for all you Plan 10 freaky-freaks. We got photos, you can get our Newsletter, you can meet us, and you can hear when we next play. Its a good page!"

Plan 13
"Punk Rock. Newfoundland, Canada. Fuck You!"

Plan A Project
"Plan A Project is a 3 year old, 3 "piece" punk band from NJ. They are punk with a tiny bit of "ska-like" sound. Plan A 'are anti- music as a commodity and their lyrics support their political views. The page has pictures, a discography, news, show dates, and all other stuff plus links and such. "

Planes Mistaken for Stars
"Information on planes mistaken for stars and other projects"

Planet Black
"Music that doesn't suck from Charleston, South Carolina's oldest punks. Check out our site, and buy a CD!"

Planet Of Pants
"POP plays rock music but people keep saying it's only pop-punk. Maybe it's our name ..."

"The Official Wendy O. Williams and Plasmatics Website"

Plasmatics / Wendy O. Williams
"Orwell2000's HOTBUTTON Direct 'Backdoor Paths' to Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatic content."

The Plasmatics and Wendy O. Williams
"Wendy O. Williams In Memoriam page"

Plastic Gravy
"this page is dedicated to my band. we are from indiana and don't have much of a scene so if you are a record company please e-mail us we will send you a tape."

"four piece pop-punk from the grassy fields of Muncie, Indiana...............and they rock too!!!"

Plectrum Pete
"I got two words for you: SKA PUNK."

"New Jersey Punx, These kids are taking over the east coast, and are bound to take over the world"

P.O. Box
"p.o. box is a punk band from southern NJ. the page has pictures and cool shows and links"

Poe's Music
"Very high-energy, tender, punk/alternative music for youngsters bred in the bordom of modern suburbia." -From St. Louis, MO.

"amazing! very poppy emo with beautiful girl vocals! this has to be the best tampa, fl band by far. they're just wonderful. check out this site! and email brad sometime. he's a nice guy"

"P.o.G.o. is an eight piece "psycho" ska ensemble from Denver, Colorado that has been known to play highly energetic (and teendy bopper friendly, for some odd reason) shows..."

Pogo Pirates
"Young hardcore screaming Punks, new band but we're on the rise...so look out!"

Pixy Chix
"all chick punk/ska band from Ontario Canada and we ARE the kings and queens of CHEESE!!!"

"This site is the official pogoshock home page. It has pics of the band info and lots of other stuff pogoshock is a pop punk/surf band from Northern Virginia"

The Pogues
"covers The Pogues, The Nips/Nipple Erectors and Shane MacGowan's current exploits"

Point 07
"A site deticated to those New Orleans SKA/PUNK hero's Point07 includes Real Audio, pics , ect ect "

Point Blank
"A catchy punkrock band from NovaScotia Canada."

Point Blank
"The home of one of south Jersey's best pop-punk bands. This band has made marks in the Philly/south Jersey scene, so check 'em out...it is worth it. If you like The Queers and Mr. T Experience mixed with MxPx and NOFX, you'll love this!"

"New Orleans Ska/Punk Madness!!!!!"

"We're a punk rock band from Ottawa, Canada. We rock like hummus and falafels!!!"

Polish Mafia
"Polish Mafia is an "old school" punk band from Kewuanee, WI"

Political Suicide
"Political Suicide has been around for about a year. We have released 2 tapes & have a split 7" on the way. We play music something like Rudimentary Peni & Flux of Pink Indians."

Polka Warriors
"the homepage of that shitty punk band from michigan that everyone loves so much"

"Pollen. is a loud hard power pop/punk band, formerly with wind-up records currently indie, download soundclips!"

"Ponyboy's Homepage is dedicated to the Texas punk band Ponyboy. There are concert dates and release information, so keep an eye out for new stuff."

Pooper Scooper
"Fast, melodic and danish punkrock/skatecore."

"Humor Filled, Melodic Punk Rock Homepage. Get the info on our latest shows!"

Iggy Pop (Picture site)
"Iggy Pop is a rock and roll survivor. One who saw all his co-horts die or fade away behind him one by one. His music and survival in the rock and roll circus should be recognized and appreciated."

"Popalopski is a Punk Ska Skacore band from scottsdale Az"

Po Prostu
"Po Prostu - Polish street punk band homepage"

Pork Barrel Salamander
"This site provides information about the best unknown punk band in Detroit, Michigan."

Pork Dukes
"They haven't released any vinyl since around 1980, but occasionally do "reunion" shows. Latest one was 1993. But they are really working hard right now to get their material reissued on CD."

Porter Hall
"emomathindyoasis rock from Calgary. We don't wear skin tight pants but boy are we nerds."

The Portmans
"Kick arse ska-core from saSKAtoon... that's canaduh for all you amerikkkans"

Portrait of Poverty
"the official portrait of poverty web site 2 songs of realaudio and cd order info."

"Punk and Ska never sounded soooo good. Straight outta Ottawa, Canada, fast, gruff, antipolitical....what more's needed???"

The Posers

The Posers
"Fast, Melodic, Tough Sounding old School Punk Rock with Gruff Vocals from Windsor Ontario Canada! We have 7"s, tapes, shirts, patches, ands tickers available and want to drink and play in your town!"

The Posers
"This is the homepage of The Posers, a band from the suburbs of Atlanta GA. The Posers are young, but they are becoming known as one of the most obnoxious, yet energetic bands in Atlanta. They play a hyperactive blend of punk with a touch of hardcore here and there.They are just a very fun band! GO"

Positively Ugly

Positive Negative
"Official homepages of finnish political hardcore band. Biography, discography, pictures, links etc..."

Post Erik
"This site has cool info on my punk-pop band, Post Erik. Well, what else is there to say?"

"An indie ska/punk band"

Pound is a band from Madison, Wisconsin. Just another three piece doing the noisy rock thing. No guitar solos. No over-emoting singers.

Pounded Clown!
"Sacramento's finest."

The Power Pellets
"Hawaii punk rock. A little emo a little pop and a little bit of everything else."

"Mostly about the band poxy (pictures, sound bites (to come), merch info, description, etc.) plus pictures of other bands, The Casualties, Blanks 77, The Degenerats, Endless Struggle, Bastard Squad"

The Pozerz
"a hardcore punk band from rural Jarvis Ontario."

Praise the Cybergod
"Hardcore, D.I.Y., anarchist, and punk band lyrics. Nausea, Crass, Doom, the Ex, Dirt, Disrupt, State of Fear, Society Gang Rape, Born Against, Man Lifting Banner, Agathocles, Culture Shock, Headcleaners, Red Tide, Upright Citizens and more"

"Death to False Metal!!! We rule, fuck you."

"oldschool/hardcore punk rock from winnipeg canada anti-facist anti-racist anti-nazi postive punx"

"Precedent: not your average band from Green Bay. Truely a melting pot of musical influences, yet most often compared to "At the Drive-In". check us out!"

The Predacons
"A Band From The Jersey Shore That Smashes Masking Tape To The Nintendo Chaos, T.K.T. Represent"

"Preeskool is snot nosed kiddie punk rock from Canton, OH! These cute boys will rock your world!"

Pregnant Men
"Pregnant Men are a band based nowhere. They grew up in Hong Kong supporting Asia - its culture and its values. This is punk rock with international flavor and concern. Music about a generation who will soon find themselves at home and yet homeless. It's not a voice shouting for ideological political reform. It's a loud, honest expression of a fun, unique and privileged life in a place which will soon change forever."

Premier League
"Punk rock band from Norway, influated by old English punk & football. Pics, Discography, History and....the Possession!!!"

The Preps
"The one and only Preps from West Chetser, PA!!! Fast punk the way it was meant to be played, plus mad guitar solos and incredible drumming!!!"

"Preeskool is snot nosed kiddie punk rock from Canton, OH! These cute boys will rock your world!"

Present Day Affair
"Emo band out of SoCal. Check them out, can listen to music clips on-line, order merchandise, show lists, etc..."

Pressure Point
"Street Punk from Sacramento, Ca."

Pretentious Flamedogs
"Old school Seattle punk band"

The Priapismics
"Sandpoints one and only punk band"

the Pricks
"The official the Pricks homepage. Extremly good punkrock from Sweden!"

"A crazy Portuguese Punk band...that's right!! pOrTuGuEsE!!! We also have good music around here!"

The Prime Minister's Choice
"We're a punk band from Windsor, ON. I don't know whatelse to say. Check out the site."

Private Army
"Punk, lowell,boston,oi,"

The Problem Adicts
"A punk band from Norman, Ok,,,, hell bent on drinking, playing fast, and having a good time!!!"

Problem Children
Classic Southern Ontario (Canada) band that has been around since '82!

The Process
"the Process is a fast, rocking, un-pc punk band from Ukiah, California, and we want to be really famous."

The Professionals / Sex Pistols
"Kick Down The Doors. Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here's Steve Jones & Paul Cook, The Professionals, the punk rock duo. From The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle to the Filthy Lucre Tour, all you need to know."

"The official page for the Richmond, VA punk/heavy hardcore/crust band!"

Project Euphio
"emo/punk from minot nd. hurray."

"Official page mostly dealing with their own distro "G7 Welcoming Commitee"!! "

"Propagandhi are a Sarcastic, pissed off, thrash punk band."

"Links to other Propagandhi and Propagandhi-related pages on the web, and some sound clips."

Proposition 189
"A really political(duh) Crust/Hardcore band thats really fucking cool.... Check it out."

The Protagonists
"PuNk RoCk band from Maryland. Influences are Blanks 77, old F.Y.P., Anti-Flag, The Causualties etc. Sound Clips, Show Dates, Pictures etc. PUNK ROCK FUCK YOU!!!! "

"Early 80's Boston style hardcore. Not that dude guy mosh crap."

P.R. Stunt
"This is the home of P.R. Stunt, one of the most aggressive, nasty bands in Grand Rapids, MI. They have managed to close down or be kicked out of numerous venues for countless reasons."

The Prunella Scales
"dutch punkrock that will make you purr"

Pseudo Heroes
"Pseudo Heroes is a powerpop/punk band located in Tampa, FL. Members consist of Sam Williams, (currently of Down By Law), and Kevin Coss, (formerly of Pink Lincolns), along with Ben Krugh and Carlos Collins."

P*Ska*O Frito
"ska-punk band"

Psychadelic Insomnia
"The Official Homepage to the Charleston, WV Local Band."

The Psychodelics
"yummy punk rock sprouted from the corn fields of central illinois"

Psycho '78
"We are a unsigned teenaged hard-core punk band from indonesia... All our songs are against the system, or fucking someone over! Other than that, our music is loud & pretty fucking fast!"

PTL KLUB, Mystic Records
"Boston Hard Core Thrash"

Public Image Ltd.
Johnny Rotten (err....John Lydon) and his post-Sex Pistols band.

Public Defecation
"Punk Band from Charlotte, NC"

Public Display of Infection
"Bio/info on the band and a song"

Public Riot
"We are a Melodic Punk band from Orange County, New York. This is the Official page with Lyrics, Pictures and Info."

Public Safety
"Public Safety homepage. Four young lads out to frisk the public for a good ear, a punk rock band from Cotati California. Site lists Upcoming dates, Band info, News and more."

Public Urination
"the funniest punk band to ever come out of philadelphia pennsylvania."

"Pudgie is a punk band from Erie PA. This is the new and official web page."

"The homepage of the swedish threepiece that cranks out some pretty fast punk¥n roll not that far from Supersuckers, The Dwarves and Zeke. Laugh at their ugly faces, follow their links and gather the entire family around the stereo to sing their pathetic lyrics. Comfort is out, performance is in."

"Very good page about Puffball. Bio, Discography, pictures + an exlusive interview"

The official Pulley web page.

"The best Pulley site on the web with complete info and loads of stuff."

"Great page about the punkrock band Pulley, with News Tourdates Biography Tabs Links etc..... "

"Bio, tabs , pics, lyrics, tourdates, links and piles of other stuff. so watcha waiting for click on the link"

"pics, bio, tabs, lyrics, discography, reviews, interviews, tourdates, links, news and piles of other stuff so watcha waiting for click on the link already!"

Pull Off The Grind
"Punk band from Niagara Falls, Canada....credits include an 11 song demo, a show on the Warped Tour surf stage, and numerous local appearances."

Punch Buggy Blue
"Melodic pop punk from new york, reminiscent of mr. t experience, green day, and river phoenix with bad religion -esque and propogandhi-esque lyrics"

The Punchline
"The Punchline is a new-school pop-punk/ska band from Belle Vernon, PA that is on Hot Property Records."

Punch Puppet
"A punky band from London, UK, influenced by all things cool."

The Punk Rock Girls
"A site for a Great Falls, MT punk band. Doin everything DIY and lookin for new listeners"

Punx of Hazzard
"A new, unheard of punk band from Central Florida that's trying to get their name out. Worth checking out."

Pure Mania
"These guys rock! after more than ten years their kick ass rock¥n roll is better than ever. Complete history, sound samples....."

Pure Rubbish
"Pure Rubbish is a loud, fast, punk rock band out of Houston, TX. They are a bunch of kids tryin' to keep the image and additude of punk alive in the world today. A site with all the information you need on the greatest band out of Houston, TX ever!"

Purgative Klyster
"Grindcore 100%. Drums, distorted basses, growls and screams. mp3's to download."

PSL {purple space language}
"This is the official home of psl dudes!! This site gets updated about everyday so keep checkin in."

The Pushovers
"Pictures, sound clips, info on Pennsylvania-based pop as fuck punk band"

"Push-Pin--Beaumont,TX's punk surprise!"

The PutDowns
"Garage/punk from Beaumont Texas (The Wrong Side of Texas)featuring ex-member of The Motards"

The Putrid Flowers
"The official web site of The Putrid Flowers. Pictures, sound files, articles, etc. You will definitely find something you like..."

"PVC official web site.Go there, and listen to some pulsating punk hits now! "

"A site dedicated to the up and coming soft punk band from Wakefield,U.K. Includes news, gig guide, reviews, pictures,links and an on-line fanzine type-affair called Pig Cricket!!"

"Its the official Pyrex homepage, Pyrex is a punk rawk band and this site has sounds,pics etc"



"Homepage for the now defunct Boston Punk band...pictures, free patches, more..."

Quarter Short
"Home page for a ska/punk band from Virginia"

The Queers

The Queers
"Joe King,B-Face,Hugh:the Queers a pop punk band from Newhampshire"

The Queers
"lyrics, tabs, links, pictures, audio and video"

Quincy Punx

"The Band QwikStop outof VA Beach Va, 3 Complete Demos on WAV files, How to get in touch with the band"


"A page about 4 idiots who claim to be punk and play punk...whatever that might be. "

"German Oi!/Punk band from Hockdahl am Neandertal"

the Rabies
"The Rabies are perhaps one of the BEST bands to ever come out of St Louis. They are an all-star band with ex-members of Mu330, & the Paxidils."

Racer Ten
"Racer Ten, rock and roll kings, who are really a power/pop punk rock band!!!"

"punk rock band racija from europe( slovenia). they have released two albums the first one red alert and the secon restauration for all generations"

Radical Noise
Turkish hardcore band.

The Radikals
"site contains pics, mp3's of the band's songs, downloadable stickers, bio, and punk, punk, punk"

"Official page of Streetpunk-rockers Radio69 from Gothenburg, Sweden"

Radio Birdman
A discography of Radio Birdman and other related bands.

Radio Rdker
Swedish punk band.

Radio Vudu'
"Punk-Rock Band from Italy. Audio files, photos, news of the group."

"Florida Punk Rock band Radon. Photos, Sounds, links, interviews, news, etc."

"Got Punk? Yep, Raid's got it. Homemade punk with an old-school/hardcore flavor with our unique spice!! Check it out for yourself!!"

Rainbow Striptease
"Rainbow Striptease is a bubble gum punk group from Detroit. It consists of Super Kelly on vocals and Melody Licious on guitar..also on drums the former lead singer of Thrown, Jon Babitch...and Grady himself on bass....check the page out for lyrics, bios and pictures..."

A 70's female punk band.

"We are a band from Houston Tx. We are not that known but we are doing more stuff thats it i guess"

Randal J and the Exploding Cargo Doors
"Reviews, sound files, etc." "The second most dangerous band in Phoenix" - NY Times

Random Killing
"the official random killing home page"

Random Killing
Awesome, heavy punk band from Toronto that has been around for over 10 years. Currently on Raw Energy Records.

Random Killing
"an unofficial home page for random killing very cool reviews,interviews ect."

Random Task
"A political pop punk band from New Jersey. Funny music based on video games, and our economy."

"A unofficial homepage of Swedens finest punkrock band...RANDY!!!!!"

"Randy is a great swedish punkband and this is the best unofficial randy page (well it could be...) Check it out!!"

"Rangorax is a punk rock/hc band from Osijek, Croatia... they're pretty good. Pictures, sound, interview..."

"This the NEW site of the great SKA/PUNK band RANTIPOLE from Oss, Holland"

"Texas Gulf Coast Power Violence, is what these guys like to call there selves. just think His Hero is Gone mixed with Monster X and you have rapport."

"Rasp. Punk. Metal Punk. Richmond, VA."

"three piece all girl punk band from kitchener, ontario. people around here say we like to make lotsa noise"

"Hooligan rawk 'n roll from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Equal parts CCR, SNFU, and NHL, plus a load of other stuff. Features ex-members of Beaver."

Rational Solution
"We are an NJ crust/punk band. We play anywhere throughout the country, so if you want to book us, come to our page, or if you just want learn about us, come to our page."

Ratos de Por„o
"Visita estas Paginas de excelentes grupos Punk/Rock do Brasil Ratos de Por„o"

Rat Patrol
"Rat patrol punk page: info/history/discography/lyrics/photo's/sound clips about Rat Patrol, a hardcore band from Groningen, The Netherlands, which is on the scene now for more than 10 years. Huge mailorder catalogue containing titles from hundreds of bands from all over the world. Linklist."

Ravi & the Rexers
"Ravi & the Rexers. L.A. band. Streaming audio, pictures, show info, merchandise..."

Raw Novembre
"We have released 2 albums on our own label AGGRESSIVE RECORDS and are planning to release a Compilation album in September of 15 Punk/HC/Indie bands from Ireland. Raw Novembre are punk/alternative and aggressive."

Raw Power
"Raw Power Official Home Page."

RAY 268
"A punk-hardcore band from Hoogstraten,Belgium that is going to conquer the world! Yeah!"

The Ray-Gradys
"Old school ethic Punk rock,and a touch of Ska from Taylorsville NC....."

Razlog Za
"site of one croatian hardcore band"

"a kick ass punk band from Selkirk Ontario, come check them out"

"old school punk with that seattle caffeine kick! featuring robbe clarke from zipgun, erick erickson from jesus christ superfly, bob ries from the guns, and todd ohashi from a.m.a."

"From Japan. They play tight,fast melodic punk.Discography,sound, info,pictures"

Reach the Sky
"Boston hardcore band with a bunch of releases (one on East Coast Empire)."

The Readymen
"The Readymen Punk/Ska band out of Eugene Oregon tearing it up in Show Halls all across the country. This site details their exploits and insidious plans of global domination."

The Reagans NJ
"Fast, obnoxious, chaotic street punk from New Jersey"

Reagan Squad
"Homepage for Pittsburgh punk rock band Reagan Squad"

Real Horror Show
"Scally/Street punks straight from Boston, MA"

Real McKenzies
"The Real McKenzies are a Vancouver, British Columbia-based Celtic punk band. Donning the traditional Highland garb of kilts and sporrans, the group proudly displays it's Scottish heritage. Songs (or masterpieces, as the group calls them) include Scots Wha Ha'e, Mainland, To The Battle and Ceilidh. In addition, interpretations of traditional Scottish folk songs round out their extensive repertoire. These include, My Bonnie (Lies O'er The Ocean), Loch Lomond (High Road), O'er The Sea To Skye, and Wild Mountain Thyme."

"The official site of the skunk band from Long Island, New York!"

" Music,links,info,lyrics and more."

Rebel Rebel
"Cyber shock punk rock from Los Angeles"

The Recalcitrants
"We're a band from central New York that started a bout a half a year ago. We play mostly a hardcore punk sound but we also play some ska. Brett, the singer likes to get wasted for shows, The guitarist is SxE, Tom the drummer drives, and the bassist is a prostitute."

The Receivers
"East Bay punk rock. Check out photos, samples and the latest info. The official homepage."

"german Melodycoreband called [recipe!]! We have englisch lyrics and two saxophones, but it¥s not ska!"

The Recipients
"Central Illinois punk band, news, gigs, t shirts, tapes. Visit us!"

The Recliners
"We're a 4 member spacey alternative rock band based in Brockville, ONT, CANADA."

"This is the NEW punkband from the westcoast in Finland. Melodic newschool, that's what it is. Have just released their first CD. Labels, or anyone ,check 'em out, cuz they rock."

Red Angel Dragnet
"Richmond Va. area HC/Punk band and Pin Records Distro"

Red Aunts
Female hardcore band from Long beach CA, on Epitaph Records.

Redencion 9-11
"Hardcore Punk d.i.y. band from Chile. Powerfull, positive and political. Photographs, reviews, lyrics, concert flyers, etc.. The site is all in Spanish, because this is a latin band, and we will not legitimize the imperialistic English language. Latin people need a space in the DIY punk community and therefore... the intentions of this website are too make this possible. Although in a near future the site will be both in Spanish and English because unfortunately it seems like English is the only way to communicate world wide. "

Red Fisher
"A little history of a great band from Winnipeg Manitoba."

Redheaded Stepchildren
"Pictures (under construction), sound, and more about Lexington ky's Redheaded Stepchildren. We sound something like if Avail and Bad Religion members decided to form a band that was a little on the hardcore side...or something."

Redheaded Stepchildren
"another page for Lexington's Redheaded Stepchildren..."

The Red Lake Bastards
"Loud and annoying vocals, (but not without meaning), Fast 2 chord guitar, and a jimmy rigged drumset (rebar and pans). Tryin to make it in a shitty world. Sounds along the line of early 80's California/New York hardcore. Straight Edge skatepunk out of Williams, AZ."

The Red Plague
"This is the hompage to my band, The Red Plague. We are very new, and some of our music sounds somewhat like punk. We are from The Pas, Manitoba, Canada, and are looking for some recognition!!!"

Red Punk Net
"home of the proletariot- a old school punk band from nva. w/communist affiliation"

*The Redskins*
"The Redskins can be described as melodik pop/emotional punk band representen Long Island, New York."

"swiss Punk band"

Red, White & Blue
"One of New Jersey's BEST Oi! bands is now on the web!This site includes a biography of the band, photos, sound clips, and merchandise information. "

The Reflector Kings
"a Ska/Punk band from Rochester, NY"

The Regects
"a east coast old school/oicore punk band from york PA, has bios, pics, links, main page, merchindise show updates etc."

The Rejected
"The Rejected is a Ct Punk Band "

The Rejected
"This is the official website of the band the rejected......from K-Town,Tn"

The Rejects
"Des Moines, Iowa punk band who need money for more makeup and smack. "Fuck you, we're fags.""

Rejects Of Society
"RxOxS is a Fast Chaotic Street style punk band from New Jersey their powerful and pist off lryics will move you! check them out"

The Rejektid
"Hardcore/punk rock from Atlanta"

"Hardcore punk in Halifax, NS, Canada!"

The Remnants
"Bay-area punk band."

"Punk rawk that really sux."

Renegados de Boliqueime
"A cool site about this Portuguese Punk band - some interesting links to other Portuguese bands and sound samples"

"this band from Ohio really sucks"

Repeat Offender
"***Check out Repeat Offender. We are hardcore Punk from the midwest and if you know anything about the midwest you know the hardcore here is pure.***"

The Repellents
"We have a chat room,message board,newsletter,pictures,wav.files and other cool shit!"

The Repetitives
"From Chicago...Featuring member(s) of After School Special. Check it out..."

Request Denied
"energetic new school hardcore straight edge band with influence of alternative and punk. from Slovenia, Europe."

"hardcore crusty shit! from lafayette,la"

"Fast and melodic new school punk band from Montreal, with thought provoking lyrics that actually *mean* something. These youngsters already played with Ten Foot Pole, Pennywise and other great bands. Lots of stuff available on the site and more to come!"

The Residues
"Official cheez-core from Orangeville, Ont. Melodic Aggressive punk that is sure to leave you wet!"

"A Dynamic Duo of Punk Rawk from Chicago. Download wavs, see sum funny pix (of yer mom, nooch), plus experience the Awe and Mystery that is Resination. KEY!!!"

"Hardcore, Melodic punk from California."

Resist and Exist
"Resist and Exist are anarcho-punk out of So. Cal. Strong, powerful music in the vein of Conflict and Flux of Pink Indians. Downloadable songs."

"the weapon of resistance"

"A skunk band out of South River, NJ"

"Hardcore mix of industrial, punk and metal with band photos, links to show dates, music, and other pages."

"Official webpage for Houston, Texas hardcore punk band, Retaliate"

the Retarded Flies
"the Retarded Fies are punk rock in your face"

The Retreads
"Members of The Mcrackins play revved up, just the way they really like it..."

The Retreads
"The Retreads are an Indiana pop punk rock band that have released a CD on Skull Duggery Label and a 7" on No Decaf! Records. Loud, fast rocknroll to get the kids dancing. This is their official webpage."

The Retreads (Original)
"Check it out! High school Indiana punk rock ala Ramones, Queers, MTX. Hoo boy, they're cuties!"

"Small page for Retribution...Super fast hardcore from Lexington,Ky "

"A punk band that gets its influences from punk, hardcore, street punk, and Oi! From the Y.L in southern Cali."

Retro Downfall
"there once was a band from cary, who's teticles might be considered hairy, one day they wrote songs, and beat off there schlongs, so now you must go to our page."

"a really low budget, ghetto site for these Providence punk rockers."

The Revenants
"This is the Revenants home page. It is maintained by the band itself. We are what those kids who sat in the back of the classroom killing mice with pencils become. Horror kids to the very end."

The Revanents
"It's a site about the Bronx Punk Band..The Revanents...formerly known as The Wasted"

The Revelers
"Great punk rock band intertwining Punk, rockabilly, and reggea influences. Think pre-Combat Rock Clash meets The Police...."

The Revenge Of The Incredible Dr. Rancid and his Youthful Assistant Jeffrey
"Band form upstate NY, favorite bands include: Less Than jake, ALL, MxPx, The Cootees, Blink-182 (etc)"

Reverend Poky Bunge
"Tard Core. Nothing is sacred to these people. Sort of a modern age Spinal Tap with a lot more shock value and few genre restrictions. This is the kind of thing that will eventually cause people to form cults and kill themselves."

Official site.

the Revlons
"A garage punk band from olympia..."

"Homepage of Revolt - a brutal and rocking crustpunk band from Sweden. "

"Way before Trainspotting put Scotland on the map, there was a punk band called the Rezillos!"

"Rezin slams the isle of Maui, with original Punk/Metal/Ska/Whateva sound. Lock up your children!"

"a phast ottawa teen punk band"

Rhythm Collision

Rhythm Collision
"The all new RC page. Has everything that you want to know about RC. go here."

The Richards
"Check out The Richards, a rockin' punk/ska band from Cincinnati, OH."

Richie & The Shindiggers
"Richie & The Shindiggers are a New Zealand punk band that suck. please check out our crappy homepage."

Rich Kids on LSD ( RKL )
"This is the official site for RKL, Rich Kids on LSD. The legendary now deceased band from California."

The Rickets
"Hardcore Punk from Olympia, Wa"

"The best thing since pop...soda pop. The 3 yr old CT band's homepage."

Riff Raff
"Greaser punkabilly kinda like early Social Distortion out of Santa Cruz, CA. They have a 7-inch called "Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed" out on Bad Monkey Records."

Right Turn Clyde
"Has few covers of a cassette and some vinyl releases by the band."

"use this page to make your own conclusions on if you want to piss on us or not.."

"Florida Punk Band:RINKER"

"Rinker, a central Fl band tring to mix old skool hardcore and some emo, girl catching ,gut retching Feelings, includes links and real audio samples"

"...have been doing the D.I.Y. thing 4 'bout 3 years now (this band, all 4 of have been doing the DIY thing since the early 80's,i.e. Old Nick, Motorpsycho, Lugnut, Dogmask, Fu Manchu, etc.). We tour on a regular basis and have successfully put out a full length (Brau) and a 7" (even out the odds) our selves."

Riot .303
"Various photo's including Calgary's notorious Riot .303!!!"

Riot Crew
"Political party-punkrock from Sune City in Sweden."

Rip Chord
"The Official Rip Chord Home Page"

"Armyboot punk rock without the Oi!"

The Rip-Offs

The Rippers
"The Rippers' official homepage: a wild and primitive Garage Punk Band from Lille (North of France)"

"pics, sound files, releases, how to contact us....it's all there...some cool pictures!"

Rise Above NJSE
"new jersey straightedge band. kickin it old school mid to late eighties style. positive lyrics and moshy hard music. come check it out."

The Rists
"Stupid punk-pop from Ipswich UK"


River Fenix
"River Feniex is a gangsta pop-punk band from houston, tx and on this site we'v got pics, mp3's, real auido, tour dates, disco, and more and this is not a shitty site where there is only a 30 second clip we have whole songs in both formats"

"Serving your ears with the best in power pop/punk for over five years."

The Robby Rankins
"Homepage of Roselle, IL's finest anti-racist, anti-corporate, anti-oppresion punk rock band."

Robster Craws
"Satan worshipping nerds from Saskatchewan, playing the best mix of keyboard new-wave/hardcore."

Rocket City Riot
"Raging punk rock... melodic at times...sometimes we just wanna kill you"

Rocket From The Crypt
"The Official Un-Official Site (it's band suppoorted)"

"Rocks are a classic Punk Rock band from Sydney Australia. Rocks have been playing since 1977. Yes-That's right, and are still going strong today. If you like DI, Misfits, Sham, Black Flag. then you will love ROCKS!"

"Punk band from Pennsylvania with style,attitude,and hardcore punk songs"

"Rod is full of such energy and rawness, one just has to hear to believe. Coming to the site is just the second best thing. We're from Dayton, Ohio."

Rodent Kontrol
"This is a site dedicated to one of the great and over looked bands of the Ann Arbor punk rock scene of the early to mid 1980's. Rodent Kontrol was the most feared, hated and misunderstood band to come out of Ann Arbor since Iggy and the Stooges."

"check out these cool rockers from berlin, germoney"

"The Official Website for the East Coast Canadian Punk Band, Romeo RETARDED"

Room 13
"Atlanta old school punk band"

Room 237
"A Punk Rawk band from Ottawa, Ont, Canada."

Roo Steak
"The web page is a punk band, Roo Steak, from Kalamazoo, Michigan. They are a really rad and upcoming band. They have played with bands like LESC, Odd Numbers, and the kick ass band, AFI."

The Rottin' Apples
"Just alot of local info on this ska/punk band and some other stuff going on. Lots of links"

Round & A Distant Few
"official web page of the band round & a distant few 77 style punk with traces of goth & power pop"

Round Ear Spock
"Round Ear Spock is a general wacky good stuff punk band. Mix a little old school, a little pop punk, some hardcore, some thrash, maybe some zydeco, a little classical, and a teensy bit of death metal, and you get the idea."

Round Ear Spock
"one of those Atlanta punk bands that kinda disappeared. Well...this is what the hell happened."

"Rodents Of Unusual Size is an old-school punk band from Vancouver. Our site contains info, lyrics, and pics. Check us out!"

The Roust-A-Bouts
"The Roust-A-Bouts are a killer pop-punk band on the scene in northern VA and DC.They draw influences from bands like MxPx, 90 Pound Wuss,Propagandhi and Good Riddance. Their debut cd-ep "breakin it down cracker style" is here!Check 'em out."

The Rowdies
"this page is a cool site that was made by short insecure monkys that these punx pay a penny a day to keep up."

Royal Rangers
"This is the OFFICIAL website of the punk/ska band the Royal Rangers. The band that's out to serve the rejects. Check us out."

The Royalties
"The Royalties are a New Jersey ska band"

Rude Fix
"Catchy, High- Energy, Pop/ punk from Northern California"

"A punk band from AlingsÂs, Sweden....."

Rudimentari Peni
English punk, on Crass Records.

Rudimentary Peni
"Site in french about the famous anarcho-punk band Rudimentary Peni"

The Rudiments
"...A Punk-Ska band out of the Bay Area. They were on Dill Records, also released a split album with The Suicide Machines, "Skank For Brains". Free album here."

The Ruffians
"It has general info on the band plus three pictures(their logo, a concert poster, and another picture that hasn't been used yet)"

"The official website for the original Ruin from Philadelphia. Featuring Richard Hutchins of Live Skull, Of Cabbages & Kings, Digitalis, & Paul of Helios Creed. Now on CD!"

The Ruinz
"baltimore's street/snot punk band, getting drunk at a punk house or alley near you."

"Is a band from Timmins Ontario, we play music for fun and its fun. Punk/So-cal styles.....Just go here......its an official site!"

Rummage Sale

The Running Gags
"The official homepage of The Running Gags, a punk band from eastern Michigan."

Ruth's Hat
Fantastic pop-punk from this bunch of Canadians and Americans.


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