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What is MIDI?

MIDI is not an instrument name. Midi is a language or protocol between computer and musical instrument, which is similar to the computer data but much more contains musical information such as length, velocity, and etc.. Midi is an abbreviation of Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Midi also defines the system interface method and devices.

Midi device is basically connected by 5 pin midi cable. Only one pin is used for data transfer and others are not used or used for signal ground. Synthesizer or midi equipments have three midi port as below.

Because midi signal is one way, you need a pair of cables for midi-in and midi out (midi is not duplex). Midi-out port sends a signal to the other device and midi-in port receives it from other one.

Midi is a music or sounds that can be rock, alternative, newwave, retro, heavymetal, disney, waltdisney, rap, lovesongs, hardcore, soul, ballad, bands, movies, tv,soundtrack and cd.


Midi Interface Card

Basically, because computer is not a device for the midi, it does not recognize the midi signal. The different signal processing method between computer and midi device requires interface card. The most popular interface cards are MPU-401 family and MQX-32M family. Most Sound cards such as Sound Blaster have MPU-401 midi interface function.


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