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Hello from Matt Meltzer,

Your parents, kids, siblings, or friends may have told you different things about me and my organization. Now let's make sure it is all factual.

I do all the behind-the-wheel driving instruction myself.
All training is done one-on-one.

The NYS Learner Permit is not necessary for the behind the wheel driving instruction if the driver has an out of state learner permit AND that state meets certain requirements. Ask me for further information. The NYS Learner Permit, however, is required for the driver to take a NYS Road Test in contemplation of receiving a New York State Driver's License. If the prospective driver still needs to obtain a NYS Learner Permit, please call or email me or see the following site for the NYS ID requirements.

Yes, College or High School students from out of state, residing in NYS, are allowed to get the NYS Learner Permit and take the NYS Road Test. The reciprocity of each state varies. I am hinting that once a driver gets his/her NYS Driver's License, I do not know what happens with regard to the driver's home state. Please feel free to discuss this matter with me or with your local Motor Vehicle Bureau.

What are your fees?
                     Please call (or email) for details -- 845-297-3966 or    Please use "MDTC" as the Subject.

Would you tell me about the lessons in a nutshell?
                     My driving lessons are two hours each.
                     The lessons are available 24 / 7.
                     Yes; I do work seven days per week if necessary.
                     Each lesson is geared to the individual student's need and not always his or her desire.
                     In other words, I teach driving... not just "Road Test".

How about the Road Test?
                     My Road Test Service includes
                                           a 45 minute brush-up lesson the day of the test.
                                           waiting for the Road Test Examiner at the Road Test line.
                                           use of my training vehicle (or your vehicle, at your request) on the Road Test.
                                           door-to-door service.
                     At no charge, I will schedule the Road Test for you.

Two Hours? That seems like an awfully long time!
In two hours, the students are not exhausted as one might think, but as with tennis, baseball, piano or any other type of instruction, the students do get tired after two hours. It usually takes about 45 minutes for the new driver to get into the swing of things, then the next hour and one quarter is learning. If I only gave 45 minute lessons or one hour lessons as some other driving schools do, the student would have much less learning time.

Have you had any students with learning differences or physical disabilities?
In over 30 years of teaching (over 9000 students), I have taught numerous (hundreds - if not thousands) of potential drivers with mental, and/or physical, and/or emotional situations.

Where do your students drive?
Last time I was asked that question I looked at a map of New York State and said, "Good question." I take people all over the place - back roads, main roads, highways, city roads, country roads, bridges - anywhere.

What do you teach on the first lesson?
It depends on the student. Each student starts on the bottom rung of a ladder and climbs; one climbs faster or slower than another. I start with straight driving and turns, adding curves and stops, all with my feet handling the pedals. Once the student becomes sufficiently proficient or able he or she gets to use the pedals. This could take 5 minutes, 1/2 hour, or 10 hours. It depends on the student. The average new driver gets to the pedals after 15 - 30 minutes.

How long will it take to learn?
With "run-of-the-mill" learners, a rough estimate of hours of instruction needed is usually made simply by dividing the new student's age in half. This is adjusted by mental, emotional, and physical situations that may be involved and also previous experience. The student with mental, physical or emotional situations could easily take longer.

Do you guarantee passing the Road Test?
Nobody can guarantee passing unless they pay somebody off, and I don't make payments. It is also illegal to guarantee the passing of the Road Test.

Do your lessons yield a New York State Driver Education (NYSDE) completion certificate?
No. Only the State Education Department can issue that. No driving school, no matter what they say, can issue it.

What is your training?
I graduated from Marist College with a BS in Business Administration.
I am licensed by NYS DMV.
I am Certified as a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS).
Also see my Curriculum Vitae.

What is your Experience?
I have had students from 3'6" to 7'3", from 45 to 385 pounds, and from 15 to 95 years old.
Fifteen, you ask? Yes. Her mom wanted her to start driving before she got her NYS Learner Permit at age 16. I said we can't have her drive on the regular roads. Her mom said that they lived on 200 acres and we could use their "roads". And so we did.
I have taught numerous drivers, as alluded to above, with mental, physical and/or emotional differences.
I have been teaching driving for over thirty years and am doing it as a full time profession.
Also see my Curriculum Vitae.

Feel free to contact me with any questions Please use "MDTC" in the Subject Line.

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