Behind the Wheel Assessment & Training
by: Matt Meltzer, CDRS, etc.
Meltzer's Driver Training Center

  • If you don't have a Brake, the car does NOT go into gear.
  • If you cannot drive from the passenger seat, the car does NOT go into gear.

    Can your driver
  • open door?
  • enter vehicle?
  • adjust the seat?
  • see three inches over the steering wheel?
  • reach the pedals without s t r e t c h i n g?
    or reach the Adaptive Driving aids without s t r e t c h i n g?
  • adjust mirrors?
  • reach all secondary controls?
  • reach all tertiary controls?
  • start the car?
  • put the vehicle in gear?

    As your driver proceeds during the session, do they
  • check traffic in mirrors and "blind spot" before changing lanes (or pulling away from curb)?
  • frequently check traffic in mirrors?
  • use directional signals?
  • stop for STOP signs? (No adverb needed. A stop is a stop - S T zero P.)
  • stop where it is legal to stop at STOP signs?
  • stop for RED LIGHTS?
  • stop where it is legal to stop at RED LIGHTS?
  • make a turn on RED when legal and safe?
  • observe traffic so as to not interfere with traffic?
  • observe traffic so as to not wait when it is clear to go?
  • in general, use Observational Vigilance?
  • center vehicle in lane?
  • have good vehicle position when making turns?
  • use the proper lane(s) when turning from or entering multi-lane roads?
  • yield to other drivers or pedestrians when required by law?
  • yield to others when the others are breaking the law?
  • follow all rules of the road?

    Try the following:
    1) Oh, I meant to have you turn (show or tell which direction) there. Would you please find someplace to turn around and get us back to that road?

    2) Explain a destination; make sure the driver understands the location. Ask the driver to take you there. If your driver does not know the area, possibly point to a location on the other side of a parking lot or park or traffic circle and ask the driver to go there.

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