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Q: Why should I have a web page?

A: The Internet has become the number one form of advertising and it’s only getting bigger. Not only is it the biggest, it’s also the cheapest. Why pay $250 for a 1-week, quarter-page ad in your local newspaper when you can advertise 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for an indefinite number of years for as little as $150?


Q: What would a web page do for my church?

A: I simply present this scenario to them: John and Sue recently moved to the Michiana area and are looking for a church. Since “surfing the net” is much more fun than opening the yellow pages, they go on-line and search for churches in the Michiana area. Your churches web address would pop up and a few clicks later they’re reading about your pastor, finding out about youth activities, finding out the times of services, etc., etc. Not only is this a great way for people who’ve moved to the area to learn about your church, it can also be a great witnessing tool.

Scenario number two: A member of your church is witnessing to a co-worker and invites the co-worker to church. The co-worker is a little apprehensive because he/she knows nothing about the church. So your member says, “Why don’t you check out our website and see if it sounds interesting to you. Our address is. . .” The opportunities are endless.


Q: Do I need to have Internet access to have a web page?

A: No! In fact, you're church doesn't even need a computer. I will set everything up so there will be very little maintenance. You just tell your congregation what the address is. You can even put the address on business cards. If you would like to change your web page or constantly update it, I can do that or train someone in your congregation to do it.


Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: Maybe. The prices I'm presenting to you are the costs to design the page. In order to get your page on-line, it must be "hosted" by a web server. There are several companies that will host your page for free providing you allow them to advertise on your site. One such company is called Geocities. The only downfall is your internet address will be something like If you want your church/business name to be your internet address (i.e. then you're going to incur additional charges.

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