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Welcome to my Trivvie's photo album.

UPDATE: 02/11/01..Greetings folks ! ...I have finally motivated myself to making a start page for the series. The main reason being it's much less to load up when you visit here; then you can select where to go in the series. Today also marks the first day of our page7, (thanx be to Stessie in getting us off our butts) which features us at high school graduation. You might note that some of the newer pages do not have guest books. I think it best to phase those out and feature it only at index page....simplify, simplify, simplify !

      As a note of interest and for the record, this series was conceived 12/30/98, ( as a birthday gift from the Yoops ). This series helped me remember all youse, though I hang not in VP much anymore. It's fun and real to remember you. Many have phoned and met each other, even as groups, so there's life in friendship here on line.

      There are no new instructions and hopefully things are self explanatory in using these pages. If you'd like to be included in these pages (whichever theme), you may send photos to me at or to yoopsie at The photos are sized to 180x230. If you have no means to resize, we can do that for you. (tip: the smaller the pic, the blurrier the resize will be). As before, links to friends pages remain in the "Triv Ring" you see at the bottom of the page, which is operated by our Stuey.

      Ok, mayhaps we can think of new pages in this series, that features individuals who have "cool links"...whaddya think?? (please keep it clean, Mavver!!) I hope to see you all soon, and I hope you enjoy these pages ! Dabs

Page 1....The original page

Page 2....More friends

Page 3....Children of our friends

Page 4....More friends

Page 5....We friends as Kids

Page 6....EVEN more friends

Page 7....Us at High School Graduation

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