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  Here's a recent email Dated: 9/24/12

  Hi Paul: This is a little late but I wanted to let you know that your jigs were very productive on my trip back in first week of Aug 2012. It was my go to lure for my 40+ Pike! Great quality and also thanks for extra one you sent me. Ill be giving you a call again next year. Thanks Dan Buhr, Lincoln Ne.

  Here's a recent email Dated: 5/11/12

  Hi Paul: I just wanted to write and share some truly amazing success I had with the hair jigs I ordered last fall. Over the weekend, I landed a 5lb 8oz small mouth on a 3 inch black leech (1/8 oz). We were out on lake Ontario fishing in 20-30 feet of water on a deep drop looking for walleye. I was working the jig slowly along the drop when she hit and it took me a minute before I realized it was a bass. She put up an amazing fight and is currently my biggest small mouth to date. Unfortunately she was out of season and my camera was not accessible so I put her back in the water immediately. That being said, it was the fish of a life time and the jigs really deliver on the promise of big fish. I'm going to be hitting up the Rideau River next weekend for walleye and hopefully I'll get a lunker for a good picture.

Nathan Barnard

  Here's an email from Editor Matt Straw at In-Fisherman magazine. Dated: 9/19/07

  Paul: I've been to Alaska and Washington state over the past 4 weeks (chasing salmon and steelhead), and haven't had much time. But thank you for getting those jigs to me! The piece is all ready for print and I hope you'll like it! In-between trips out West, I went up the Mississippi and caught the biggest bass of the day on your black, 1/8-oz bunny jig. It was the only one I caught on it, but I spent more time experimenting with other things. And we only caught 5 or 6 apiece that night. (The bass was a tad under 5 pounds.) Thanks, again, Paul! Your jigs really make the 2-page essay pop! Matt Straw

The jigs have worked great. I used them the weekend I got them from you when I went over to pre-fish. I ended up on Saturday with a 17# bag of smallies. Then the other day I had my first musky come up and hit the perch one when I was swimming it back to the boat. I think I can get into the musky fishing that was a blast. I am very impressed with your jigs they hold up very well. Alot of the lakes I fish over here are big resivoirs and have really rocky bottoms and none of the paint has wore off of the heads. Hope the plastics work for you if they do and you want to get more just send me an email and I can send you the contact info.

This is what he has to say after another order: "Paul, Just got the jigs in the mail and wow. They all look cool especially the drop shot ones. Just wanted to say thank you and I will send you updates on how well the drop shot ones work. Thanks again and happy new year." Thanks, Keith Scott

Hope all is well with you. Tossed your muskie clatterbaits quite a bit last week and caught several low 40-inch class fish with them. The brown/white one has been especially good, and the pike love them. Take care, Cory Schmidt - In-Fisherman writer

Good afternoon Paul; I wanted to let you know that I just received the jigs you tied up for me. I have to say they are some of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. They are almost too darned pretty to put in the water. You do absolutely fabulous work and I want to thank you for getting these to me just in time for the start of the bassing season. Thanks again Paul. HR

Hi Paul I just received my order and the jigs look truly amazing. I am so excited to try them out this weekend for some big smallies. I really appreciate that you were able to get them completed before I left on my trip. I will definitely order more in the future. I will send any pictures if I get some good fish. Thanks again, Nathan

Recieved the order of jigs today. These are the nicest looking jigs I have ever seen. Seems a shame to mess them up fishing, but I will. Thanks Phil Pierce

"...thanks again for your time Paul, Im sure your busy but my buddies kill me with your jigs every time we go out. I Gotta get some for myself." Thanks, Matt M.

"Really looking forward to receiving some jigs from you. Heard about your work from some buddies but never knew how to go about getting some. Read the article in infisherman and have been telling everyone about it. I plan on your jigs being my secret attack in our first tournament of the year in central illinois."

Brock 2/22/12

"we boated 3 fish, 2 pike and a pickeral, I lost another decent pike (6-8 lbs) by the boat along with numerous follows. With the exception of one of my gliders that had a follow, all follows and fish came on Enthrallers. Hmmm... ;-) Believe me, I threw some other things, too. My friend also tried on the 1/2 oz. yellow perch bass jigs I bought from you a couple of years back. While he did not get a fish on that one, the water was gin clear where we could see the action and it was truly amazing to see how the hair and feathers undulate in the water. Now, if only I had more time" ;-)


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using your musky clatterbaits. I have owned one from just about every other manufacturer, and none of them work nearly so well as yours. I just received a couple as a gift from J-Mac, and while I would have anticipated them to be good lures, they were a disappointment. Unless you used a dead slow retrieve, they basically waked the surface. At such a slow speed, you couldn't get the good thumping action you want from a lure like this. Come Spring I will have to order another one or two. I hope business has been good, and as always, I enjoy using your jigs. Regards,Mark

  Here's an excerpt from the article "Tidbits for Lake Trout" in the "In-Fisherman 2000" Ice Guide:

  "When the fishing's real difficult, nothing produces better than a big white marabou jig. Paul Jensen, a professional custom jig tier from Wisconsin replicated my favorite laker fly, the Mcleod's Alewife, with a jig. He overtied long, silky white marabou with peacock herl, flashabou, crystal flash, and other ingredients to create the best baitfish imitator I've ever seen in a jig."

 "When lakers refuse big white tubes in artifical-only lakes, I drop Jensen's marabou creation on them... Only rarely does a laker come up for a look at Jensen's creation and leave without biting."

  Matt Straw, Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine

  "Paul, you tie some of the most innovative jigs available anywhere. The diversity of head styles and materials used never ceases to amaze me. Like a good fly tyer, you're undaunted by the craziest requests for new combinations of hair and feathers,allowing us to imitate more closely the forage items we see on the waters we fish. In clear water especially, your jigs make it so much easier to trigger an aggressive response. You prove that quality hooks and materials and an eye for detail make big differences in the making of a jig."

  Matt Straw, Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine

  "Paul, Just got back from my Canadian Walleye fishing trip and wish to report that I landed the largest walleye of the group on a black Jensen Jig with a nightcrawler (over 7 lb.). Thanks for your help and keep tying...they are good looking jigs!"
Jim Richie
O.H.Bromberg & Associates
2950-5A Breckenridge Ln.
Louisville, KY 40220-1499

  This from a major catalog purchasing agent:
  "I have seen literally thousands of lures come by my desk during my 10 years dealing with lures for:------- and I can honestly say that you have some of the best looking lures I have ever seen."

  B J

"Finding a tool that doesn't want for improvement in one design aspect or another is not a common occurence. The perfect, light tackle grub head for instance, would have a football shape to keep it from tipping, a flexible, twin wire weed guard to prevent snagging in brush and rocks without interfering with hookups, an awesomely sharp hook that resists opening up under the load of a heavy fish, and an effective barb and collar to secure your plastic lure of choice. Paul Jensen has built exactly such a tool."
  Rich Zaleski,Noted outdoor writer and fisherman

"I am the owner of a fishing tackle company and am very impressed with the quality and service provided by Jensen Jigs. Paul always finds a way to keep me happy. From custom glitter coat powder paint jobs to special order hooks, Paul aims to please. He goes out of his way to fill my orders quickly even if I need large quantities and is always willing to modify the molds to accomodate me. The workmanship of his products is the best I've seen and to top it all off, he always manages to throw in some freebies. He has a large selection of specialty jigs to cover most situations and is constantly updating his line. His hair jigs are unique and come highly regarded. I have tried several other companies but Paul has become the supplier I rely on. Thanks Paul for all of your help in making my business easier."

  Craig DeFronzo, owner

  "Thank you for the 1/2 oz. bait. I received my In Fisherman magazine today and again saw your quality jigs! Great job! I fish the U.P. and the Menominee special looks very interesting. The quality of your jigs is unsurpassed. I can see why the In Fisherman staff endorse you work!! Best of Luck! Thanks"

  -Steve S.

  "Recieved the jigs today. Just wanted you to know that these are the best tied jigs that I have ever owned. Also wanted to Thank You for the rebate on the shipping charges. Have a great day and I hope you catch a big one."

  -John D.

  "As a professional fishing guide here in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska I catch a lot of steelhead, chinook, coho, trout and walleyes on jigs. I've always had difficulty finding quality jigheads matched with quality hooks at affordable prices. Then I discovered Jensen Jigs. In an order of 100 jigheads not a single one had a painted eye. In addition, the paint is hard, brilliant and evenly applied. Paul Jensen went out of his way to assure I got exactly what I wanted. He even went so far as to aquire new molds to match my specifications exactly. All in all, I've been very impressed with the quality, pricing and customer service Jensen Jigs has displayed. As a matter of fact, I'm in the process of ordering more. I truly believe you can't go wrong with Jensen Jigs."

  Dennis Dobson, Oregon Outdoors Guide Service

  "Received your jigs on Saturday. They really look great. I have passed them around to some of the club members and they are interested in purchasing some. We have our banquet this Saturday and I plan on having them available to members. I will be consolidating an order, hopefully next week and getting it in the mail. Thanks - great quality product. Well worth the money."


  Here's What Mike Mladnick,Wi. guide and outdoor writer has to say about the "Bou-Tube":

 "I was guiding on a clear lake in Florence county. The water temperature was dropping at night and your "Bou-Tube" jigs worked very well.They were hitting my larger tube jigs and skirted grubs short. The craw fish patterns worked well on this clear water lake. In fact I had to give one of your jigs to one of my clients. After he started to catch fish I couldn't take it from him."

  "Paul Jensen offers a diverse line of fine custom jigheads and ties. I've used them to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleyes, and striped bass."

  Steve Quinn, Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine

As for the jigs, they look so nice I don't even want to throw them. You, my friend, are an artist. And, thank you for the extras. Also, I cannot tell the difference between the marabou and the rabbit. I think you're right. They will be equals to the fish. Ray Esboldt

  "Tying quality jigs is a skill. But the selection and use of varied man made and natural materials in complementary fashion to fabricate the illusion of living, swimming, crawling and above all, edible prey, is more than a skill. It's an art. And Paul Jensen is an artist."

  Rich Zaleski,Noted outdoor writer and fisherman

 "Paul, E-mailed you yesterday to inquire status of my order and today they arrived! They are works of art and so "fishy" looking that I won't be able to stand the wait for open water in the spring; will give 1/2 to my son-in -law for Christmas since they arrived today. Thanks again, Merry Christmas - will try to lose these on some monster smallies and reorder in the early summer."

  Joe Muhler

Paul, Got my order in the mail today. Thank you. You said you have been busy since the in-fisherman article, Thats great and I hope the orders keep coming in for you. I love the striper jigs and the weighted hooks are the best. Great work.!!! I guess im like a little kid , but all day long I kept looking at the free things you gave me and getting all happy. Thanks. Paul Jensen, Tim hanford, Phil Schafer, all good guys, good business practices and great great products. Thanks guys. Jackie O

Just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for the great looking lures & jigs! I especially want to thank you for all the "freebies" you sent. Boy, you don't get that kind of service from Cabela's or BPS. I'm sure I'll be ordering more after I get some of them in the water - I'll probably lose a couple and find some sure-fire favorites. In fact, if I was a bass, I'd have a mouthful of Jensen Jigs stuck in my lips right now! Thanks again, Dan Tussey PS: saw your article in "In-Fisherman" - nice muskie!

Hi. I recently bought some more jigs from you. I particularly like the HJ twin jigs. Under very tough conditions this weekend, I was 1 of 7 guys out of 42 that caught fish. I was wondering, can you make me this same jig in black? The green has caught fish for me in a deep clear reservoir but for the stained water lake I fish primarily, I need a darker jig. I would like to get these in black in 1/8 and 1/4 sizes if you can make them. Please let me know. Thanks. John Carey

Paul, Canada Post delivered the lures to me on Wednesday and I am still looking at them, marvelling at your works of art and wanting to get out on the water to use them. Thank you very much for the the three excellent clatterbaits, the four Pike Enthrallers and the unexpected extras; the extra clatterbait and the extra (excellent) weedless jig-heads. Paul, you never cease to amaze me with the work you do to a jig-head and what you can tie on a jig-head; you do excellent work! I always feel like I didn't pay you enough - if I owe you some money for shipping, I will be more than happy to reimburse you. Let me know when you have some spare time and we can discuss some Pike Enthrallers in a different colour. Cheers, Mike G

Paul, I ordered from you about a year ago and was looking to order some more jigs from you. I wanted to order some perch ones and noticed on your custom page the green perch with red gill ones. I was also wondering if you had one that you can use for a drop shot rig. Of course this would have to be very small in order to do this but I wanted to see if you had any suggestions on that. I cant even begin to tell you how many fish I caught on the perch ones over here in Washington state, But I did manage to catch a 10# 3 oz Large mouth on it last spring. Anyway thanks and look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks Keith

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