Tree Frog Night Light

All Nightlights are available with Standard Bases, Light Sensor Bases, or Swivel Bases which have prongs that swivel to fit either vertical or horizontal outlets! PLEASE NOTE: Light Sensor bases are ONLY available for a standard outlet.

Tree Frog Night Light

Each design is inspired by nature, beautifully sculpted, cast in bonded marble, expertly hand painted.

Approximately 3" x 6".

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Tree Frog Nightlight with Standard Base - Price: $16.99

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Upgrade to Light Sensor Night Light Base ...$2.00
Upgrade to Swivel Night Light Base ...$2.00
Add 2 extra 4watt bulbs ....$2.00
Add a Gift Box ....$2.00
Add a Gift Bag ....$2.00
Select: Add Enclosure Card ...FREE

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Light Sensor Nightlight Base Light Sensor Night Light Base

Swivel Nightlight Base Swivel Night Light Base
Prongs swivel so Nightlight stays upright

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