Sweet Hearts on Beveled Oval - Can be Personalized

Sweet Heart Beveled OvalSweet Heart Beveled Oval on 8 inch Arched Ornament Stand
24K Gold Plated
Actual Size - 6-1/2" Tall by 4" wide

Two Ruby Red Hearts with Ribbons are mounted on a 4x6 Beveled Glass Oval, which is encircled with with a 24K Gold border. The clear glass background has room for a verse or inscription. Names can be put on the heart The Arched Ornament Stand is sold separately.


Verse 1
Two Hearts Two Lives Joined Together in Friendship United Forever in Love

Verse 2
Happiness is being Married to Your Best Friend

Verse 3
Sweet Hearts and Best Friends Forever

Verse 4
How Blessed I am/we are
How Lucky I've/we've Been
That You are My/Our (Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, Grandmother, Godmother, etc)
As well as my/our Friend.


Personalize it with your own verse

$24.00 Plus S&H

Sweet Heart Beveled Oval. . .Price: $ 24.00
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