15 Watt Bulbs for Plug-In Warmers (Night Light Style) and Night Lamps

15 Watt Bulb for Plug-In Warmers and Night Lamps

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15 Watt Replacement Bulb for Plug-In Warmers (Night Light Style - Including Scentsy) and Night Lamps

This bulb looks like a night light bulb with a candelabra (small) base. Standard size for most plug-in (Night Light Style) Warmers (including Scentsy). NOT used in standard night lights - they require a 5 or 7 watt bulb. These bulbs are also used in many corded Night Lamps. Bulbs are bulk-packaged and are available in 2/packs or 4/packs.

2/pack 15 Watt Bulbs - $3.50 Plus S&H

4/pack 15 Watt Bulbs - $7.00 Plus S&H

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