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Michigan Native Plant Resource Center

Purpose and Focus: Earth-Joy will serve as an aid and resource for those striving to preserve and restore native habitat areas. Earth-Joy will promote knowledge of, and respect for, our native Michigan plants and animals - and their life-sustaining interrelationships.

Earth-Joy services will include (but aren't limited to) promotion of the sale of Michigan native plants and seeds, and the provision of informational literature and informative talks.

It is Earth-Joy's greatest desire that, with all of us working together, healthier and more fully functioning ecosystems will be preserved or re-created.

Owned & Operated by Joyce Janicki
22493 Milner
St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48081
(586)778-0443 Email Comments? Questions?

Table of Contents

Earth-Joy Introduction and Native Plant Order Information
Restoring Yard Habitat Areas and "NEW" Gardening with Deer & other Critters
Butterfly Gardening
Prairie/Meadow Gardening
Native Plant Nurseries
Helpful Organizations/Conservancies
Informational Books/Guides
Recommended Species for Michigan
What Shouldn't Be Planted

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