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Deer Island, NB, Canada -where friendliness is a way of life!

Welcome to our Island Home!

The Deer Island Tourism Industry would like to welcome you to Deer Island, where you will experience an opportunity to relax, rediscover peace of mind and gain some "quality time" with friends or family! Whether you plan to spend a day, week or longer period on our charming little island, there is lots for you to do! Whale watching, Kayaking, sightseeing excursions, scuba diving, bird watching, canoeing, camping, hiking, cycling, boat tours or just a little old-fashioned "beach combing"! Come and enjoy our hospitality, feast on some seafood and just plain "enjoy yourself"!

Map of Deer Island
Meals & Eateries
Services & Businesses
Marine Life around Island
Island Trivia
Things to do & see
History of Deer Island
Ferry & Tide schedules
"The Old Sow" Whirlpool

For more information;

Winston Lambert
135 Hersonville Rd.,
Lambert's Cove, Deer Island, N.B., Canada
Tel:(506) 747-2426

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