TUITION is to be paid by the 1st day of each month via CashApp - $CinderellaDanceCc or Venmo @L4wr3n3. A $20 late charge will be added on the 3rd. Tuition is on a monthly basis regardless of the number of weeks in each month. No refunds, discounts or credits for absences or holidays. Each student will pay a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee.

ATTENDANCE - Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. Make EVERY effort to have your child attend EVERY class. No refund, deduction, or credit for missed classes. A child that continually misses classes or is absent 3 classes in a row may be dropped from the class or won't be able to perform in the recital.

DROPPING - Each student will be required to give a 30-day notice to Cinderella to terminate billing. You are responsible for payment of tuition for your childís classes whether or not your child attends class after the time you turn in your 30-Day written notice to Cinderella.

HOLIDAYS SUMMER BREAK I - June 18-July 11 classes resume June 13, SUMMER BREAK II - Aug 23-Sept 3 classes resume Sept 5, FALL BREAK - Nov 13-25, WINTER BREAK - Dec 15-Jan 5, SPRING BREAK -3rd week in March. We do not close for other holidays, teacher workdays or county livestock shows.

DRESS CODE - Dance Classes - Any color, any style leotard and tights or dance wear with tights (NO T-SHIRTS EXCEPT "CINDERELLA" recital tshirts). Shoes: Ballet, Pink ballet shoes; Tap, Black low heel tap shoes, Jazz/HipHop, Black jazz shoes. Students arrive in their tap shoes carrying the other dance shoes in a bag. Label all shoes & the bag with student's name/initials. Dance wear/shoes are available at Amazon.com, Walmart, Target, Dick's Outdoor & Academy.
Gymnastics/Acrobatic Dance - Any color leotard and fitted shorts or dance wear (footless). Shorts (no denim) may be worn over leotard. Hair must be pulled back away from face in a pony tail at all times; not in a bun.
STUDENTS are expected to wear the proper attire to every class and have hair fixed properly for the class.

CLASS OBSERVATION -All classes are aired live and posted on Facebook in a private group for parental observation, student rehearsal and to make up any classes missed. Only PARENTS of students are accepted into the group. Parents will need to answer the security questions to be approved. Students can practice with the videos posted there and attend class virtually if they are unable to attend in person. You may not always see your dancer in the video, please be patient. We do move the video during class but please remember that it is most important that the video is trained on the instructor so that absent students and those practicing at home will receive proper instruction.. When dropping off your child for class, bring them to the red studio entrance door, on the McArdle side of the building, and let them proceed into the class area alone with their instructor; do not enter the class area with them anytime during the class. Pick them up at the studio entrance door at the end of class. Do not knock on the door or loiter on the porch as this distracts the students and interrupts the class.

NO BAGS, FOOD, GUM, TOYS, DANGLE JEWELRY or CELL PHONES allowed in class! Students are not allowed to bring friends or siblings to class with them.

DROP OFF - Arrive no more than 5 min prior to class, wait in your car until the door opens for student entry.Doors will open at Class time - no early entry.

DISMISSAL - pick your child up promptly at the end of their class, wait in your car until the door opens for student dismissal.

TAKE DANCERS TO THE BATHROOM prior to dance class, potty breaks interrupt our dance time.

NO UNATTENDED CHILDREN (under age 18) on the property (Parking Lot, Breezeway or Bathrooms)


ANY OUTBURSTS, RUDE BEHAVIOR/COMMENTS, DISRESPECT, OR REFUSAL TO COMPLY will NOT be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal from enrollment at Cinderella School of Dance.

RECITAL - Students are presented in a Recital each year in June. Admission to the recital is $5 per person plus a donation of a new stuffed animal, book or fleece blanket for the Children's Advocacy Center of the Coastal Bend. Cinderella also hosts 3 holiday recitals per year - practices are on Saturdays. The tuition for seasonal session students is $150 (reduced to $100 for annual students) which includes classes, costume and recital. The holiday recitals are: Haunted Halloween, Enchanted Christmas and Celebration of Spring. Annual session students do not perform in these recitals unless they enroll in the Saturday seasonal sessions. Participation is optional.

COSTUME The recital for annual session students is in June. Combination classes will perform 2 dances in the recital, hip hop and gymnastics classes will perform 1 dance. Showtime 6 week session classes will perform 1 routine in the recital. Combination class dancers will wear a 2in1 costume (1 costume worn differently for each dance) in the recital. The costume fee is $75. Costume fees are due May 2. Costume fees must be paid on time to order your child's costume. There will be no exceptions. Costumes will be ordered only for students who have paid for their costumes by the due date. Costume fees are non-refundable once the costumes have been ordered. Please understand, if you do not pay for your child's costume by the due date they will not have one for the recital. If a student who has paid for their costume, in full, quits classes before the recital and gives their 30-day notice, they will receive their costume. If a student who has paid for their costume in full quits classes before the recital and does not give their 30-day notice, the costume will be held until the charge for that 30 days has been paid. Costumes left at the studio for 30 days past the recital date will become the property of the studio. Costumes will be passed the last class before recital to all students whose accounts are paid-up-to-date. In some cases, costumes may be a little large. It is the parent's responsibility to have them altered.

ONCE A FEE IS PAID, there are no refunds.


RECITAL SOLO PRIVATE LESSONS - Weekly 30 minute lessons for 6 weeks prior to recital date. Students will learn choreography to perform a Solo or Duet/Trio in the recital they choose. Recital soloists perform in Recitals only.

ANNUAL PRIVATE LESSONS - Weekly 30 minute lessons August-June which include solo choreography, fitness and technique. Students will be assigned curricula according to their ability but have the option of choosing their dance genre (Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, HipHop, Song & Dance, Cheer, Acro/Gymnastics). Depending on their skill level, students may perform a solo in the recital and at local events, and have competitive opportunities - it is at the directors discretion to determine if they will perform/compete. Students can also choose a recreational curricula and not perform. For information email cinderelladance@ymail.com and visit the facebook fanpages: Cinderella School of Dance - https://www.facebook.com/cinderelladance CcDanceCrew - https://www.facebook.com/CcDanceCrew

EVENT/TRYOUT PRIVATE LESSONS - for Pageantry, School Cheer Teams/Dance Teams/Talent Shows, Tryouts or Social Events(Weddings/Quinceaneras) are available by appointment - $25 registration fee required (total registration fee for the group or for an individual in this class is $25). These classes meet weekly or bi weekly classes and are short term geared toward a specific event (these students in these classes do not perform in the studio's recitals/local appearances nor do they compete).

INSURANCE - Cinderella School of Dance does not carry insurance for it's students. It is required that all students be covered by their own family insurance policy and, if injury occurs, it is understood that the studentís own policy is their only source of reimbursement. Cinderella School of Dance is not responsible for accidents or loss of property.

Since the establishment of the studio in 1972, our goal has been to instill students with the highest standards of excellence, beauty, and joy of dance. Technique and style are emphasized in all dance & gymnastics disciplines and each studentís ability, progress, and achievement is monitored to assure that they grow & advance to full potential. But, more importantly, we pair professionalism with a caring heart to assure memorable experiences & well-being for all those involved. We hope this year is a learning experience that brings your child confidence and self esteem while having fun! Thank you for choosing Cinderella for your childís dance education.