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Family Of
~ Semi Sweet ~ Webring
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Family Of ~ Semi Sweet ~ Webring

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Semi Sweet's Club!
All members of the ~ Semi Sweet ~ Webring (and even those who aren't!) are welcome to join!

Raymond J. Chapin
I'm a truck driver for Kittles Furniture. I enjoy fishing and animals.

Janet Bay
Hello, I found your site and I don't a home page of my own yet (too busy trucking to stay home and create one). I'm a happily married solo driver. Been driving about 8 years. We have three grown children and two grandchildren (of course Mamaw's pride and joy). My name is Janet and I live in Columbus, Indiana.

The Sisk Family
My husband and I have driven as a team for five years. Currently, I am homebound because we have custody of our handicapped grandson and he has been in the hospital and needed special care since the beginning of this year. I hope to join him again soon. We are former owner-operators. We are still with the same company we were leased to but we now drive a company truck. We enjoyed owning our own truck but there are a lot less headaches driving a company truck. My husband's name if Jim Sisk. He has approximately 15 years of OTR experience. He has been with CTSI out of Ashland, Virginia for almost 10 years. His e-mail address is I am Linda Sisk and I have approximately 8 years OTR experience. I was with CTSI 5 years and can return at any time. My e-mail address is I also have an e-mail address at LayoverMail. It is I am currently working on a website but it is not up and running yet. We look forward to sharing and talking with all of you.

Bev Wilson
My name is Bev Wilson. I'm a former driver; I currently work in a truck stop as a waitress. I like to stay current on issues of relevance to truckers, that way I can provide better service to my drivers than just pouring coffee. For instance, during the winter months I like to check road reports on the computer just before I go to work. The internet often provides advance notice of pending legislation that affects the industry, information that I can share with my drivers. I've tried designing a home page, and found myself way out of my league. I'm looking for a way to share my own experiences on the road, current information on the industry, etc. with the men and women who are moving America.

The Desert Rat

Susan J. De Lano
Hi! My husband Steve is now in training to do something he's wanted to do all of his life, drive trucks. My Father owned his own trucking company in Munith Michigan, and had driven trucks off and on all of his life. Steve and I have owned our own businesses for some time now, in electronics. But with all of the new discount electronic businesses in our area, we decided we needed to make a serious career change. I had known that Steve loved trucks, and I suggested that now was the time for him to do what he's wanted to. I've been in a "Trucking" family and also a Television repair family most of my life! My father was one of the 1st television repair men in Michigan. We also are planning a move to Northwestern Minnesota, where we have already purchased a new home. We would like to meet other trucking families in Minnesota and everywhere.

Hi! My handle is Rainman, (After the movie Rainman) because I drive excellent on the drive way ;~) I have been driving for 2 years now and love every minute of it, I work for a company called MCT,(Midwest Coast Transport) (Mexican Chicken Truck) I live in IL and am married with 2 boys, and one on the way. I am happy to find a truckers web page and will visit as often as possible.(When I am home) Thank you.