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Welcome to my Backyardand visit us in Clair, New Brunswick where less than 1,000 Tourists are served annually!
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87 Ave Erables
Clair, N.B., Canada
E7A 2B9
Tel: (506) 992-2827

Cool Moose: - established in 1987 with the introduction of the "Maritime Mooseltoe earring", "Corsages" and "Drop in Pins" - all made of pellets from the south end of a north bound moose.

The "'n' Stuff" part came about in 1989 with the establishment of our Outfitters Store, Kayak instruction, Liveries, Sales and Zero Impact Camping. By 1996, Cool Moose 'n' Stuff branched off into 4 season Eco Adventure, with winter overnighters (1st People's Style) for Snowshoers, Telemarkers and Moshers.

About the Operator: - The "Moose" is none other than 44 year old Pete Morin of Metis and Acadian descent. Pete is French bilingual and has dual citizenship. Qualifications range from Boy Scout to Paddler, Forest Ranger, Swiftwater Rescue Tech., N.B. Guide 1, Eco-Tourism Operator, Member of the Canadian Ski Patrol System, Outdoor Gourmet, Amateur Historian, Search & Rescue Coordinator and last, but not least, Minister of Moose Droppings! Pete is also the PRIJON Kayak Rep. for the Maritimes, Eastern Quebec and Labrador.
- Dealer Inquiries Welcome!

About the Area: - The upper Saint John River valley is isolated in international waters at it's northernmost bend. It is a river 673Km / 418Mi long with a watershed as large as Switzerland! People of the Sparkling River, the "Wolastukayik" first inhabited this region 10,000 years ago and lived in hemlock bark lodges called "Wigwams". Much of the river has lost it's "Sparkle" except for the upper reaches where the history and conflicts of the past cannot be swept away by flood or politics. Come feel this area and mingle with the "Lost Acadians" - a people of good heart, family duty and sense of humour. The natives had a name for the Frenchmen of the time ... it meant "Little man who walks with moose" - imagine that!!
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Cool Moose 'n Stuff..
87 Avenue Erables
Clair, NB, E7A 2B9
Tel: (506) 992-2827 * (888) 262-2663

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