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Whats New


10/16/99- Hey it's been a long time! Sorry about that (lots of school work)! Anyway I got the FF8 review up today. Whats next? Probably FFTactics.

8/17/99- I updated my For PC section and the guestbook section.

8/15/99- I put up this Whats New page to let you know whats going on with my updates (sorry I've been kinda of busy latly). I will also answer questions from my guestbook in the GB answers section at the end of the page. Right now I just set up backround music for each page. LESS THAN A MONTH UNTIL FF8!

8/15/00- Hey its been a year! no more updates. site closed.

GB Answers

Here I will try to answer questions people leave in mygeust book. So if you've got a question leave a message and I will see what I can do.

Message #48 8/17/99

Celes asked why can't she find a walkthrough for the PC version of FF7. The answer to that is YOU DON'T NEED ONE! The PC version is virtualy exactly the same as the PSX version. There are very few differences and Tifa's weapon is not one of them. I followed the directions given in in the official PSX guide and I got that weapon easily. Now they do make a players guide for the PC version. if you want to go out and buy it but I think it is mostly the same.

Message #46 8/10/99

Aeris asked whether or not Aeris will be featured in Ehrgeiz a fighting game made by Squaresoft. The truth is I don't know. Although I have seen no pictures of her it is quite possible. I do know there is a way you can play Zack.

Message #32 6/25/99

Will FF8 be released for PC? YES! It will. Eidos has bought the rights. Just like with FF7.

Message #31 6/22/99

This was a message that complained about the "auto play" on my music page. It is not on auto play it just preloads on the page. But I know what you are talking about on one of my computers it does the same thing I don't know why. You have to go through an stop each one.

Private Message #4 7/12/99

Greg Post asked whether FF8 would be 1 or 2 players. At first I thought that it was a stupid question. But then when I thought back to the old SNES days of RPGs. Remeber in FF6 how you could configure the battles to 2 controllers? Well as far as know you can't do this in FF8 but who knows?