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The FINAL FANTASY MOVIE: due out within the next couple years. Recently the creator of the Final Fantasy series was asked about the upcoming movie by a gaming magazine he said that the movie would lean more towards the realistic side probably meaning less sword play and magic. It will be computer animated and will not be based off of any current games in the FF series. Main character named GREY.

The Cast

Alec Baldwin

Ving Rhames

Ming-na Wen

James Woods

Donald Sutherland

Steve Buscemi

Peri Gilpen

These are the people whose vioces will be features in the FF Movie. Promo poster


Final Fantasy VIII: Realesed in Japan demo in US. The battle system is suposed to be simalar to FF7's. The character graphics will be more realistic though. Meaning they will be taller.

Remakes: I previously reported how Final Fantasy games V and VI(US 3) were being remade for the playstation in japan. Well it turns out that squaresoft is releasing V and VI in the usa together in the Final Fantasy Anthology which we'll see out before FF8 . origanally FFIV(US 2) was supposed to be included the package, but it has been confirmed that it won't.

Mcdonalds happy meals: In Japan Mcdonalds is giving small chocobo toys in their happy meals. It's not definate whether or not these toys will ever reach the US.

Ehrgeiz: Squaresoft is releasing a fighting game called Ehrgeiz. It will feature several Final Fantasy VII characters including Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, and Sephiroth.

The Sequel to Chrono Trigger?

Yes Square confirmed Chrono Cross the sequel to CT will be released this winter. Although it will not feature any of the same characters. The main character's name is serge

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