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Final Fantasy VI was released in the US in 1994 as Final Fantasy III. It came out orginally for the Super Nintendo system but has recently been re released in Japan on the PlayStation platform. This remake will make it to the US as part of the Final Fantasy Anthology (see news section).

My Ratings:


Plot: 9.2

Graphics: 8.0

Music: 10.0

Replay value: 8.5


Over All: 9.15


Plot: This game had a great story. It involved many characters who were very well


Graphics: The graphics in Final Fantasy VI are by todays

standards dated. It takes some getting used

to when you first start playing. At the time of its release

the graphics were good.

Music: Excellent.

Replay value: Even after the game events are over FF6 keeps the player

busy. But because the game is so long playing the whole game

over would take a long time.

Over all: This is basically an average of the above scores

accept I count plot and music twice (I think they are more important).

*GAME TIP* Try casting vanish then doom on bosses. It will kill most of them