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Review: Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was released in the USA for the super nintendo system

in 1995.

My Ratings:

Plot: 9.5

Grahics: 9.0

Music: 9.5

Replay: 10:0

Over All:9.5

Plot: Although the game only has seven characters, it has a great

story. Each of the characters is very involved.

Graphics: They were very good at the time.

Music: This game has very good music. Each of the characters

have their music themes (Frog's music is playing now).

Replay Value: This is one of the games best points. If you

defeat the final boss and your party is above a certain level

you will gain an option on the menu screen next to NEW GAME

this is NEW GAME+. This allows you to start a new game with

the items and character stats you had at the end of the old

game. This is a useful feature it allows the player to replay

the whole game with considerable ease. It also makes it possible

to view all of the games 11 different endings without having to

start an entirely new game.